Why BoardBooster is the Best Pinterest Tool Ever


BoardBooster or Tailwind: which one is better?

I see this question ALL THE TIME. And honestly, I don’t think there will ever be a general consensus on whether Tailwind or BoardBooster is a “better” tool or investment.
I’ve used both of them, and I lie firmly in the BoardBooster camp. Don’t get me wrong: Tailwind is great for scheduling pins. But now that the Pinterest home feed isn’t chronological anymore, scheduling your pins (although a nice option) isn’t critical. On top of that, I just find the Tailwind software kind of… clunky. I can pin five things with BoardBooster in the time it takes me to pin one thing with Tailwind.
So yes, BoardBooster has my heart (and always will). I have a feeling that once you read this post, you might just fall in love with it too!
Not sure what Pinterest tool is best for you? Once you see these 3 amazing BoardBooster features, you'll have no doubts! From blogbeautifully.com
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How to Get Started with BoardBooster

Before we get into some of my favorite BoardBooster features, let me quickly run you through how to set up a BoardBooster account. One thing I LOVE about BoardBooster is that they offer a free trial for your first 100 pins, so you can see if the tool is a good fit for you before committing. I originally signed up for a free trial, and honestly, I was hooked from the very first day!
When you head over to the BoardBooster website, you’ll see a big green button that says “Sign Up for Free Trial”. Click that button, and then enter in your details — name, email address, and time zone. That’s all you need to get your free trial underway!
sign up for a free trial with BoardBooster
When your free trial runs out (which generally takes a few days to a week, depending on how much you’re using BoardBooster), you can choose the monthly plan that’s right for you. To choose a plan, click “Account” in the top right corner of your BoardBooster homepage, and then choose “Payment Settings” from the drop down box.
$5 gets you 500 pins a month, $10 gets you 1,000 pins a month, and so on all the way up to 11,000 pins per month (that’s a lot!) And don’t worry — I’ll be showing you exactly what BoardBooster can do with your pins in just a minute.
Once you’ve selected your plan and entered in your payment details, you’re set! Now, let’s chat about three of my absolute FAVE BoardBooster features…
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Fave Feature #1: Looping

This is probably BoardBooster’s most well-known feature, and it’s the HUGEST time-saver ever.

How looping works

With looping, BoardBooster automatically re-pins your oldest pins to the same board they’re already on. Then, after a few days, it goes back in and deletes whichever of those 2 pins (the original or the re-pin) has less engagement. This way your boards don’t get cluttered up with duplicates.

Why Looping is sooo awesome

The beauty of looping pins is two-fold:
1. It makes you look like you’re constantly active on Pinterest throughout the day, even when you haven’t been on it in days. This is great for mastering Pinterest’s algorithm.
2. It gives all of your pins a “second chance” to go viral, WITHOUT cluttering up your boards (because of the de-duplication process).

How to set up looping

Here’s how to get looping set up. On your BoardBooster homepage, click “Pinning Tools” in the top right-hand corner, and select “Looping” from the drop down menu.
how to set up looping on BoardBooster
Next, click the “Add Boards” button on the top right, and select all of the boards you want to loop pins on. You can’t loop to Group Boards, and I also don’t recommend looping to any boards that have less than 50 pins in total.
Once you’ve chosen your boards, it takes a few minutes for BoardBooster to load them all. After it’s finished loading, you get to decide on the looping settings for your boards. And don’t worry — you can always go back in afterwards and change the settings on each individual board!

Looping tips + suggestions

Here’s how to make the most out of looping:

1. Set de-duplication to run after 5 or so days. Any longer and your duplicates will be hanging around for too long!
2. When deciding on the number of pins to loop per day, I recommend approximately 1-2% of each board. For example, if a board has 100 pins in total, set it to loop 1 or 2 pins per day. If it has 200 pins, set looping for 2-4 pins per day.
3. When you’re just starting out with BoardBooster, set the time interval to cover the span of the entire day (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM). Once BoardBooster has had some time to analyze your Pinterest account, you can check out their “Best Time to Pin” report, and set looping to occur within your most popular time periods.
So, you obsessed yet? No? Maybe this next feature will get you hooked…

Fave Feature #2: Campaigns

Campaigns are the best way to share your original content to group boards, with basically zero effort. You don’t want to pin every new blog post to all of your group boards at once, because that would “clutter up” your feed (not pretty!) This is where campaigns come in.
There are two types of Campaigns you can set up with BoardBooster:
1. A Scheduled Campaign
This type of campaign creates a Secret Board on your Pinterest account, and any pins you add to that secret board will be re-pinned to other boards at set intervals.
2. A Random Campaign
This type of campaign pulls a certain number of pins from one particular board, at random times throughout the day, and re-pins them to other boards you’ve selected for that particular campaign.

Why Campaigns are sooo awesome

Random campaigns ensure that all of your posts are being continuously shared to group boards, giving them more exposure – and without you having to lift a finger! Scheduled campaigns are the perfect way to add your newest blog post to all of your group boards without cluttering up anyone’s feed or “spamming” them. Both are MASSIVE timesavers, and basically allow you to “set it and forget it”!

How to set up Campaigns

Here’s how to create your first Campaign…
1. On the BoardBooster homepage, click “Pinning Tools” in the top right corner, then choose “Campaigns” from the drop down box.
2. Click “New Campaign” and choose whether you want to set up a Random or Scheduled Campaign (you can create multiple of each!)
setting up random and scheduled campaigns on boardbooster


Scheduled Campaigns

Here’s how to set up your Scheduled Campaign:
1. Name your campaign (this is the name of the secret board that will be created).
2. Click “Add Re-pin” and select each board, one at a time, that you want these pins to be re-pinned onto.
3. Choose the day and time you would like each re-pin to occur at. Put at least a few hours in between each re-pin.
4. Click Save.
Now, whenever you want a pin to re-pin itself to all of those boards, at these set times, all you have to do is pin it to the secret board for that campaign. Les simples!

Random Campaigns

Here’s how to set up a Random Campaign:
1. Give your Campaign a name. Choose something simple that explains exactly what the campaign is for (e.g., “My Blog Posts to Group Boards).
2. Choose the board you’d like pins to be pulled from. This is called the “Source Board”. For example, you might choose the board that’s devoted to your own blog posts.
3. Choose your “Target Boards”. These are the boards you want the pins from your Source Board to be re-pinned to. For example, this might be all the group boards you belong to.
how to set up a random campaign on BoardBooster
4. Determine how many pins you want re-pinned from the Source Board to the Target Boards each day. You can set a different number of re-pins for each target board, if you like.
5. Set the time span that the pinning should occur within. If you already know your “Best Time to Pin”, you can set your time span based on that.
6. Click Save.
That’s it! Once you set up these Campaigns, you’ll never have to worry about sharing your blog posts to group boards again. BoardBooster takes care of it for you!
Looking for MORE tips to speed up your Pinterest process? Don’t miss this post with my six top tips for speedy pinning!

Campaign tips + suggestions

1. Create a Scheduled Campaign and title the Secret board, “My Blog Posts to Group Boards”. Set the pins to re-pin to all of the group boards you belong to (that fall within your blog’s niche). Whenever you write a new blog post, pin the post to the secret Campaign board, “-My Blog Posts to Group Boards” and let it work its magic!
New to group boards? You’ll want to check out this series ASAP.
2. Create a Random Campaign that re-pins 2-3 pins per day from your blog posts board (the Source Board) to all group boards in your niche (the Target Boards). This ensures that your content won’t be sitting gathering dust for too long!
3. If you have a board with one overarching category that several of your other boards fall under, set up a Campaign to share content between those boards. The Source Board will be the one with the more specific category, and the Target Board will be the overarching one.
For example, on my account I have a board called “Social Media Tips for Bloggers”, and I also have boards for “Instagram Tips for Bloggers” and “Pinterest Tips for Bloggers”. Because all the pins on the latter two boards would also fit on the Social Media board, I’ve set up a campaign to re-pin them there every so often.

Fave Feature #3: The Pin Doctor

If you’ve done any research into Pinterest and its algorithms, you’ve probably heard the term “Power Pinner” before. Power Pinners are people whose accounts rank highly on Pinterest for things like:

  • SEO and keywords
  • engagement (re-pins and likes)
  • quality of pins
    Getting a “Power Pinner” ranking is tough, but BoardBooster’s “Pin Doctor” is here to help. The Pin Doctor tests all of your pins and reports on problems in nine different categories. You can see these nine categories in the image below:
    BoardBooster Pin Doctor

    It then displays all the problem pins within each category, and you can go through and delete these pins from your account as needed.

    Why the Pin Doctor is sooo awesome

    The Pin Doctor allows you to clean up your pins and boards in minutes, whereas doing it manually would take hours (or days!) Again, this helps you rank higher in Pinterest’s algorithms, meaning your content will be shown more often in the smart feed – which leads to more followers and engagement.

    How to use the Pin Doctor

    You’ll be given a free Pin Doctor trial for one board, and after that, there’s a fee of 1 cent per pin. (Hint: Use your free trial on your biggest and most popular board!) Here’s how to use it:
    1. On the BoardBooster homepage, click “Maintenance Tools” in the top right, and select “Pin Doctor” from the drop down menu.
    pin doctor
    2. Choose which boards you want to run the Pin Doctor on, and how many pins.
    3. Click “Hire Pin Doctor!” and let it work its magic.
    Depending on how many pins you’re having doctored, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to run the test. You’ll get an email from BoardBooster when the results are ready, and you can log back into your account to see the results and delete pins as necessary.

    Pin Doctor tips + suggestions

    Here’s how to make the most of the Pin Doctor:
    1. Because this is a paid feature, use the Pin Doctor on your largest and most popular boards first. Once BoardBooster has gathered enough data on your Pinterest account, you can go into Reports >> Board Performance, and see which board has the largest number of followers, repins, and duplicates — making it the perfect candidate for the Pin Doctor!
    boardbooster board performance
    2. To delete multiple pins at once, tick the box to the left of each pin, then select “Delete” at the very top of the page. This will delete the pins from your account over the course of a few hours.
    3. Redirected links aren’t always a problem, so they don’t always need to be deleted. Redirects happen if a website has changed its domain name, and then redirected all old URLs over to the new website. Be sure to comb through this section in the report and only delete pins that link to suspicious websites/completely different websites, or to the website’s homepage instead of to a specific post.
    4. With duplicate pins (either those with the same link, same image, or both), delete whichever duplicate has less re-pins and likes — keeping the pin that has the highest engagement.
    PHWEWF! I have a feeling this post has gotten super long. Hopefully you babes are fast readers and haven’t been here all day! I just love BoardBooster sooooo much, and I think everyone should be using it to make their Pinterest process SO much simpler and faster. If you’re looking to use Pinterest to promote your blog or business, I highly recommend jumping “on board” (pun intended!), and letting BoardBooster do all the work for you. You won’t regret it!

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    • I’ve been using Boardbooster for a couple months now and it’s really improved my Pinterest following!! I definitely don’t know how I ever lived without it.


      • I feel the same way! My following has grown so much quicker since I started using BoardBooster, but I spend WAY less time on Pinterest than I used to!

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Cristina!

        x Krista

    • Such helpful info, thanks for sharing! I’m currently using Tailwind but haven’t started my BoardBooster trial just yet. I’ve heard great things about the looping feature but I’m nervous to delete old pins too!

      • Thanks Rachel, I’m so glad you found it helpful!

        The great thing about BoardBooster is that it never deletes any pins you’ve pinned manually, only ones that have been pinned using their looping feature (which are always duplicates anyways!) I’d definitely suggest giving it a try and seeing how you like it. I’m obviously obsessed!

        Thanks for stopping by, lovely 🙂

    • Brianna Nash

      Loved this piece on BoardBooster. It definitely helped out some. The scheduling piece is still a bit foreign to me. I do love the looping feature though :). I may stick with that one for a while. (I do have some boards that are scheduled in a campaign… with the secret “-” boards)

      • Hey girl!

        I flippen love BoardBooster – I’m so excited to hear that you’re using it! To be honest, I don’t use the Scheduling feature nearly as much as Looping and Campaigns. Because pins aren’t shown in the feed chronologically anymore, I can go on a “pinning fest” and not worry about spamming other people’s feeds 🙂

        Have a great weekend!

        x Krista

    • Michaela Ammirato

      This is AMAZING and literally just changed my life- thank you.

    • Love this post, Krista!
      I’m such a fan of BoardBooster for its Looping feature, now I just need to get on to trying the Campaigns Feature and the Pin Doctor 🙂 Will be referring back to this, such a helpful post!

      Xo Maria

      • Thanks, Maria! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Campaigns are my absolute fave, I’d definitely suggest giving them a try! Let me know if you have any questions!

        xx Krista

    • This is such a helpful post! I have trialled Tailwind but wasn’t really that impressed & found it a bit clunky. This post has definitely sold me on Boardbooster!

      • I feel the same way about Tailwind! Plus, I like being able to see everything I have scheduled from right within Pinterest itself (no need to log into a separate site like Tailwind).

        Glad you enjoyed my post, Juliette! Happy Monday!

        x Krista

    • Purely David

      Thanks for this post. Pinterest isn’t my forte and I am taking all the information I can

      • You’re so welcome, love! I hope you found it helpful, and let me know if you ever have questions about Pinterest – I’m happy to help! x

    • Thanks for this! I think having this looping feature explained to me is what’s gonna have me finally giving Boardbooster a try. Looks sooo promising!

      I’ve been mostly an Instagram specialist up until now, and man is it a headache having to manually post all the time. I’m glad Pinterest doesn’t have the same rule. Totally looking forward to doing Pinterest automated by Boardbooster. 🙂

      • Looping is seriously a god-send! Hahah I totally know what you mean about Instagram (which is probably the main reason I’m not on it nearly often enough!!)

        If you have any questions about BoardBooster, please let me know – I’d love to help!


    • Andrea

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!! I was feeling frustrated with Pinterest (even though I’m a huge fan of Pinterest). I will now get my free trial on Board Booster. I will definitely be coming back to this post several times. 🙂

    • Thank you! I just joined and and was looking around for more info on it. I’m excited!

    • Chelsea Hodges

      GREAT POST! Honestly, this was so detailed and explanatory – just what I needed! I was looking for the best tool for scheduling my pins and I think board booster is definitely the way to go!

      • Yay I’m so glad you liked the post, sweets! BoardBooster is fantastic, I hope you end up loving it as much as I do!

        Thanks so much for reading <3

    • Krista Aoki

      Wow, I’m deffffinitely convinced! Boardbooster clearly has advantages over pinning manually, haha! Thanks Krista!


    • Totally saving this post for reference! Thanks for breaking it down, now I feel more motivated to use Pinterest. Thank you, Krista!

    • Andrea

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I´ve been on the Boardbooster free trial for over a month and I really wasn´t using it right (I know, I deserve a slap on the face, lol) and after reading this amazing post I finally *got it!* I immediately started tweaking my looping settings and just created my very first campaign. Thank you so much for writing this super helpful article!

    • Dani Welton

      This is great information! I’m going to go change how I use campaign now. Do you have a post about how to use scheduler feature on boardbooster??

      • Thanks Dani! I don’t have a post about the Scheduler just yet, but that’s a great idea – I’ll definitely talk more about it in a future BoardBooster post! xx

    • Great information. Thanks for sharing the details of Boardbooster.