How to Create a Gorgeous Opt-In Freebie (Without Breaking the Bank!)

If you want to make money as a blogger, building an email list is absolutely essential.
…And if your audience is anything like me (read: guards their email like a pack of hyenas) they’ll probably need a little incentive before they cough up their email addresses. To bridge this gap, you can create and offer what’s called an “opt-in freebie“.
If you’re just getting started with freebies, you might be stuck on the creation step. In other words, how are you going to create something that’s actually worth signing up for? I mean, you’re not a professional designer, right?
In today’s guest post by Alisha of Daring Two, we’ll explore three options for creating a beautiful opt-in freebie that your readers will gobble up faster than turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. Over to you, Alisha!
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Shortcut Option #1. Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private label rights are digital products that offer their rights for buyers to either resell or redistribute, and many of them allow you to make as many changes as you like. You are essentially buying a ready-made product for distribution, and you can repackage it to suit your own unique style.
PLR products are available in a wide selection of niches, meaning you have a good chance of finding something that matches with what your audience is looking for. PLR products come in several forms like videos, articles, ebooks, courses, and graphics.
The downside to PLR products is that they can be a little tacky when you first download them, and they do still require some work to bring the content up your standards. If you’re just getting started and are really out of ideas for an opt-in, PLR products can be a good place to start until you get the hang of things.

Shortcut Option #2. Hiring a Designer

To have something professional created specifically for your business, you can get in touch with a freelancer who has experience designing opt-in freebies. You can find freelance designers on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiver.
From there, you can have virtually any product you like created – whether it be an ebook, article, video, or course, depending on what it is your audience will get the most value out of.
This approach is recommended for those of you who have been blogging for a while, and who know what to look for in an opt-in freebie. You want to make sure the designer you hire has the right experience and shares your vision, otherwise the experience could be a little disappointing or frustrating.
The possible disadvantages with this shortcut are that it can be time consuming communicating your ideas back and forth with the designer, and it could end up being the most expensive option depending on the freebie you decide to create.

Shortcut Option #3. Using Design Templates

Resting somewhere in between purchasing an already-created product and having your own freebie custom-created by a designer is using a template. Templates are great because everything you need is right in front of you and all you have to do is fill in the blanks.
Take ebooks – one of the most popular opt-ins – for example. Rather than having a designer create an ebook for you from scratch (costing hundreds of dollars), it’s as easy as downloading a template, dragging and dropping in your own images, and plopping in your own text into the formatted boxes.
Before you purchase a template, you can see the design to get an idea of how your finished product will look. You are also able to reuse these templates, making this a more affordable option than hiring a designer every time you need a new opt-in freebie.
Over at Daring Two, you can get a taste of how this works.
All you need is Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote and you can modify the design to suit your blog and aesthetic. It’s as easy as adding in your own text and images, which takes a fraction of the time it would to take to design your own ebook or have someone else do it for you.
sample designs from daring two
Putting an ebook together from scratch can be a hassle. Working with a designer can be incredibly expensive. Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was something in between? We at DaringTwo saw the need for beautifully predesigned ebook templates for bloggers and entrepreneurs that weren’t going to break the bank.
It’s as easy as downloading one of our templates and customizing to your own taste. You simply drag and drop your images over our placeholders and write your own text in the formatted space. What would have taken you days to design, write, and format will now take a fraction of the time – time better spent growing your business.
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