Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0: Updated, Improved, & (Still) Totally Free!

Looking back on all of the content I’ve created for Blog Beautifully since launching in 2016, there are a few items that stick out in my mind. This post on writing with purpose and this post with 40+ Pinterest tips are undoubtedly some of my best.
However, there’s one thing I’ve created that really takes the cake:
Beginner Blogger Bootcamp.
Not familiar with Beginner Blogger Bootcamp? It’s my free email course that helps bloggers start, launch, and grow their new blogs from scratch. It’s also the perfect precursor to some of the more advanced strategies I share on Blog Beautifully.
However, Beginner Blogger Bootcamp was created in June 2016, and well – things have changed slightly since then. I’ve changed since then, as have some of the strategies and tips I recommend.
Moral of the story: Beginner Blogger Bootcamp needed a facelift, and I couldn’t wait to make the new course even better than the first version (and it was pretty dang good, if I do say so myself!)
Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0: New, Improved, & (Still) Totally Free. Blogging tips for beginners, new bloggers, start a blog.
I’m happy to say that the facelift has been completed, and Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0 is ready for enrollment!!
Here’s everything you’ll learn in 2.0:
LESSON 1: Three super common beginner blogger mistakes (and how to avoid them!)
LESSON 2: My foolproof formula for choosing the perfect, profitable niche for your blog
LESSON 3: How to set up your website for success from the get-go
LESSON 4: My top tips for branding like a BOSS and standing out online
LESSON 5: How to start, grow, and utilize your secret weapon: your email list!
LESSON 6: Tips and strategies to rock out on social media
LESSON 7: How to write content that your ideal audience will fall in love with
LESSON 8: The basics of making money as a new blogger
BONUS LESSON: How to use the Law of Attraction to achieve success with your blog
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Who is Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0 a Good Fit For?

Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0 is for new bloggers who are looking for guidance as they create and design their websites, start growing their online communities, and strive to make money from their blogs. I honestly haven’t left a single step out!
This course is also perfect for new-to-intermediate bloggers who feel like they may have missed a few steps when they were getting started. If you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s also a perfect refresher on the main tasks that go hand-in-hand with blogging: branding, social media, content creation, email list-building, etc.

What’s Different in the New Version?

Here’s what changed from 1.0 to 2.0:
+ The course material has been updated and made clearer and easier to absorb
+ Some lessons have been added/removed/moved around for better coherence
+ There’s a bonus lesson on the Law of Attraction (which I credit 95% of my success to!)
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To wrap up, I wanted to share a few kind words that my students have said about Beginner Blogger Bootcamp:
“I absolutely loved the Beginner Blogger Bootcamp! Krista was amazing and really broke down the course into simple and easy to understand lessons. The lessons were filled with a ton of useful information and helped me get started in the blogging world.
My favorite lesson was definitely the one on social media. As a new blogger, that was my biggest weakness!
Since taking the course I’ve managed to increase my following and build a consistent brand across several social media platforms. I’ve also upped my game on Pinterest and cannot wait to see where that takes my blog.
Thanks, Krista!”

– Amanda, Simply Amanda
“I loved Beginner Blogger Bootcamp. I had already set up my blog when I came across the course but, as a fan of Krista’s blog, I was really intrigued to see what was covered in the course.
I was surprised by the number of things I had missed out when setting up my blog the first time round – little things I hadn’t thought about, like getting my brand consistent from the start! Since going through the Beginner Blogger Bootcamp, I’ve been able to tidy up my site efficiently and effectively!”

– Dani, Flourishing Freelancer
Learn how to set up your blog properly from day one. Join me in Beginner Blogger Bootcamp 2.0.
It’s totally free for babes like you!
Happy learning,

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