The 4 Best Twitter Tools to Grow & Automate Your Account

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a guest post by the lovely Eden Fried. Eden is one of my close blogging friends, and she’s written a fantastic post about Twitter tools to grow your account. Enjoy!

When I first launched my blog and started creating social profiles for it, I scrambled to remember the password I set for the several Twitter accounts I’ve created over the years.
Seeing as I rarely frequented Twitter as a teen in high school or even in college, I failed at that attempt and quickly found myself creating another brand spanking new Twitter profile – yippee! (Can you sense my sarcasm?)
Not-so-necessary-confession: I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter.
I’m pretty open about my distaste for Twitter because I think it’s important for bloggers to recognize that every social media platform isn’t going to be your best friend. It certainly hasn’t been that way for me, at least.
As with most things in life, you’ll like some parts of blogging and dislike others and you’ll prefer certain social platforms to others. That’s only natural. But there’s always a way to make doing the things you don’t enjoy that much easier, especially when it comes to technology.
So, here are my words of wisdom from one blogger to another: when you don’t want to actually be somewhere online, find a way technology can be there for you like it has been for me on Twitter.
If Twitter isn’t your “thing” like it wasn’t for me, just take a breath… this post is for you, my friend! I’m going to show you a few ways I use some awesome tools to minimize the amount of time I actually have to spend on Twitter.
Here we go!
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1. Auto Tweeting/Scheduling via Hootlet

It’s not as if logging into Twitter is particularly hard work. But it can get tedious especially if you play by the rule “for however long it took you to write your blog post, spend four times as much time promoting it”. So that’s why Hootlet is my best, best, best friend EVER.
Watch and learn, friends!
So this little guy right here is the Hootlet Chrome Extension for Hootsuite. Isn’t he cute? (he’s the little owl with a red circle around him – though, if you can’t tell, the red circle isn’t usually there. That was my craftsmanship to help you spot him out!).
Hootlet browser extension
Anyway, here’s how Hootlet works. Whenever you’re in Google Chrome (which I hope you ALWAYS are since it’s awesome) you can easily click on the Hootlet app to help you tweet something quickly. You can also use it to post to other social media platforms you have linked to your Hootsuite account.
Here’s an example. I’m reading a blog post on Krista’s site and think, “Wow, my audience would LOVE this, let me quickly share it”. So I click on the little owl and this is what appears:
using the Hootlet chrome extension for Twitter
Automatically, without me doing anything at all a basic Tweet is created. It includes:
1. The blog post title
2. The website name
3. A shortened link back to the site
The cool think about Hootlet is that you can also edit your tweets easily by changing the wording, adding hashtags and tagging people.
using the Hootlet chrome extension for Twitter
You can even drag a picture right into the screen and upload it to the Tweet.
using the Hootlet browser extension for Twitter
Once you’re done making your tweet exactly the way you want it, you can post it by either auto-scheduling it (Hootlet chooses when to post for you), posting it immediately, or posting it later by choosing a date and time on the calendar.
scheduling Twitter posts with Hootlet extension
Here’s how I use Hootlet.
1. To tweet something quickly from a blog I adore
2. To share my own blog posts.
Right after I publish a new blog, I go to the live blog post on my site and schedule tweets out using Hootlet. For some reason, I like it better than the actual Hootsuite interface! Probably because it’s simpler than heading to yet another website.
Click here to check out the free Hootlet Chrome extension!

2. Auto-like niche related tweets with Followr

You know what I’m NOT a fan of? Auto-following and auto-messaging on Twitter. It irks me; it’s just so unnatural, and it leads to fake interaction. What I DO like is auto-liking – so long as it’s done well.
I enlisted the help of yet another nifty little Chrome Extension called Followr. But, before you get all “You’re such a hypocrite, Eden. You said you don’t like auto-following”, allow me to clarify.
The Followr Chrome extension isn’t a tool that enables auto-following. In actuality, it enables you to auto-like tweets that contain certain keywords, which should, in turn, lead to more followers. In the words of the Followr marketing team, this tool allows you to “tastefully automate” your Twitter account.
I’m always down for tasteful automation.
Here’s how it works:
1. First you install the extension
2. Then list a handful of niche related words
3. Finally, you click save
It’s honestly that simple.
Once you’ve clicked save, Followr will “auto like” a handful of tweets that contain those niche keywords. It’s like magic!
using Followr for Twitter
If you take a look at the left-hand bottom corner of the above picture, you can see that I’ve actually gained over 84 followers just by auto-liking some tweets. I like to think those are more qualified followers in my target audience as opposed to bots and spammers.
Interestingly enough, about a month into using Followr I got a Facebook message from my blog page from someone who wanted help with their WordPress site.
At the time, I was setting up a bunch of sites and taking on new clients here and there. I asked him how he found me and he said, “You liked a few of my tweets so I went over to your site and saw that you blog about this stuff a lot.”
Here’s the funny thing: I didn’t actually like his tweets… Followr did. That’s like meta-marketing right there.
Anyway, moving on!

3. Bring back the “old” stuff with Revive Old Post

I’m all for calling out weaknesses (can you tell?), so here’s another one for you: I’m not so great at reposting my old content.
I think a lot of us bloggers get excited about all the new content we’re creating and forget we should still promote the old archived posts, too! I’m definitely no exception there.
So that’s why I tried out the Revive Old Post WordPress plugin that links to your Twitter account and tweets out archived posts according to the schedule you set.
revive old posts WordPress plugin
All you do is download the plugin to your WordPress website, link it up to your Twitter account, and the rest is up to them. You don’t have to do anything else really.
Here’s my queue of upcoming tweets that will publish shortly. Fancy right?
revive social wordpress plugin

4. Follow targeted people with Followerwonk

I’ve seen people on Twitter time and time again cave into the mindset that in order to gain followers you must follow ALL the people!
Resist that temptation. Please! At the very least, if you’re going to follow people, follow people strategically. Find people who are likely to be in YOUR niche. Those are the people that are most likely to follow you back and become loyal.
On occasion, I use Followerwonk, a free Moz app, to help me find people with certain keywords in their profiles.
For instance, my target audience is bloggers. So I hop on over to Followerwonk, which allows me to search user profiles for certain keywords. To find bloggers, I type in “blogger”, add in USA as the location (though, in actuality, I don’t target followers by location… this is just an example of what you can do).
how to use Followerwonk
Followerwonk will return a list of Twitter users that meet your search criteria.
how to use Followerwonk for Twitter
You can click the user’s name (in blue) to head on over to their profile to follow them in Twitter. You can also quickly see some of their profile stats.
By following people with relevant keywords in their user profiles, you’re more likely to gain qualified followers rather than just going on a random follow-everyone-following-spree… please don’t do that.

Final thoughts

Twitter doesn’t have to be your best friend (it’s definitely not mine) but there are tools you can lean on to make your life in Twitter-land that much easier. So, do what I do and automate! Explore some of these tools and take them for a spin. Who knows… you just might find yourself spending less time on Twitter like me!
Do you have any Twitter automation tools you love? Share them with me in the comments!
Eden Fried is a full-time blogger! In the beginning of 2016, Eden quit her day job and ditched her plan to head to law school all so that she could start her blog full-time. Now, she spends her days teaching others how to launch a successful, profitable blog.
In her off time, she can usually be found at the gym throwing around some weights or snuggled up to a good book (probably Harry Potter, let’s be real). Get some free insight from Eden and swipe her free 30-page e-book on how to start a profitable blog!

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