My new Facebook group is here! Join Blog-Woo Babes today!


The new Facebook group is here! The new Facebook group is here!!

(Psst. If you missed the update on what happened to my last group, you can check that out here).
This group is slightly different than the last, although the goal and atmosphere remains the same: women coming together to share their accomplishments, ask questions, and grow their blogs together.
As you may know, I recently added a new focus to Blog Beautifully that I’m calling “Blog-Woo”. Blog-Woo is my made-up term for mixing “woo-woo” strategies like manifestation, magnetism, and oracle cards into your blog and your business.
>> Learn more about woo-woo and how it affects your blog by clicking here!
I wanted to center this new Facebook group around Blog-Woo, hence the name “Blog-Woo Babes”. The content I’ll be sharing in the group, along with the regular threads you’ll see, will revolve around these two topics – blogging and woo-woo – and blending them together.
This combination has resulted in amazing leaps and strides for my own blog and business, and my goal is to help you find a fusion that creates amazing results for you, as well!
If this sounds right up your alley, I’d LOVE for you to join me in the new group:
Join the Blog-Woo Babes Facebook group!
>>> You can become a part of Blog-Woo Babes right here.
The signup instructions are written in the group’s description (there’s a quick form you have to fill out before joining), and I’ll be approving new members several times each week. I can’t wait to see you inside!
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Join me in this awesome Facebook group for woo-loving bloggers looking to make the leap to full-time blogging!

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