Unlock Your Blogging Superpower & Nail Your Personal Branding

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What is Personal Branding (& why is it so important?)

When you watch a reality TV show like Survivor or Big Brother, you usually pick out a few “favorites” from the cast, right? A person (or two) that you hope wins the grand prize?
You cheer for them throughout the season, shed a few tears when you hear about the hardships they’ve gone through back home, maybe even creep their Twitter profile once in a while, seeing what they’re up to and if they’ve leaked any spoilers about an upcoming episode.
Why do we do this?
Why do we choose “favorites”?
And why do some viewers absolutely LOVE one cast member, while other people totally HATE that person?
It all comes down to their personal branding.
As a human being, you’ll connect with some people and not with others – it’s just a fact of life. And you connect with someone because you can relate to him or her; because you see little pieces of yourself in that person, or you connect with their story.
Or maybe you just think that person is super funny. Or super chill. Or entertaining. Or someone you could “totally hang out with in real life”.
And this, my dear, all comes down to his or her “personal brand”: that is, which personality traits and strengths they showcase (or, in this case, which traits the TV network has chosen to focus on).
And as a blogger, your goal is to build a rockin’ personal brand that makes your readers fall in love with you just as much as you fell in love with so-and-so from the last season of Survivor.
And if you don’t watch reality TV, think of your favorite band or popstar instead – you know, the person whose album you buy the very first day it’s released (instead of illegally downloading it for free a week later) and who you probably follow on at least one social media platform.
For me, it’s Taylor Swift. And you know what? #NoShame.
To achieve this level of success, the key is getting your readers to become invested in you. To trust in you. To fall in love with you. To feel connected with you.
We do this for two big reasons:
1. It makes your readers more likely to buy from you or hire you – which means more money for you, girlfriend!
2. It makes the process a whoooole lot more fun
But with all that being said, how exactly do you build an epic personal brand?

Unlocking Your Superpower as a Blogger

You hone in on your SUPERPOWER, and you rock it.
What is your superpower? It’s that thing that makes you special. Amazing. Unique. That one thing that separates you from the pack. Your superpower (AKA your uniqueness) is also what makes you irresistible to your ideal reader and target market.
Your superpower might be a special trait or a skill set you have. It might even be your “story” – that is, what you’ve gone through to get to where you are today.
As an example, here are some “superpowers” that a blogger might have:
+ Intelligence
+ Creativity
+ A warm and welcoming personality
+ Formal training in their niche
+ A fun and spunky attitude
Can you think of bloggers you read religiously who showcase one of the superpowers from this list? I know I can!
Your blogging superpower can be nearly anything, as long as it’s genuine. That is, it needs to be a trait or skill set you naturally possess.
Once you’ve figured out what your superpower is, you’ve got to own it – this is your jam, so rock it! Infuse it into every single thing that you do online.
+ Email
+ Blog post
+ Digital product
+ Social media post
+ Service you offer
+ Sales page you write
When you rock your superpower hard enough, people will start to recognize you by it – and the right people will fall in love with you for it. And that, my dear, is when you know you’ve nailed your personal brand, and are building a loyal audience of devoted followers.

Action Items

1. Figure out what your superpower is. Are you super professional? Intelligent? Funny? Kind? What’s your secret sauce?
2. Tweak upcoming pieces of content (blog posts, course lessons, etc.) to showcase your superpower more.
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