How to Manifest Success & Results as a Blogger with the Chalkboard Method


Imagine setting a goal to book five new clients by the end of the quarter, and achieving that goal only two weeks later.

That’s exactly what happened to me this past August. Legit. In less than a month, I went from two clients to being fully booked up with seven. My secret weapon? The Chalkboard Method.
Manifest Success as a Blogger with the Chalkboard Method. blogging tips, woo woo, manifesting.
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It all started when my friend Melissa Hebbe turned me on to the Chalkboard Method episode of the Being Boss podcast.
As soon as I finished listening to the podcast, I rushed back to my office to create my own “chalkboard”, pinned it to my wall, and waited for the magic to kick in. By the time September rolled around, the slots on my chalkboard were all filled up, as was my client roster.
But let me back up, because if you haven’t heard of the Chalkboard Method, you’re probably a little confused right now. For the full scoop on what it is and how it works, check out this podcast episode from Being Boss.
Because I’ve had so much success with the Chalkboard Method (and kind of become obsessed with it), today I want to share my experience with the method and why I think it works so well. Then I’ll tell you how to create your own chalkboard and get in on the magic!

What is the Chalkboard Method?

The Chalkboard Method involves two things: Goal-setting and manifestation.
To get started, you need to set 1 or more specific goals for yourself, and write those goals out on a chalkboard. You then display the chalkboard somewhere you’ll see it everyday (e.g., the wall in your office, your fridge, etc.)
The ladies of Being Boss are quick to note that you don’t have to use an actual chalkboard, although that’s how they first started with theirs (hence the name!) You can write your goals down on a whiteboard, a poster board, or even just a piece of paper.
Next comes the fun part. Instead of just writing down your goals and leaving them, you actually create lines or “slots” to fill up as you make progress toward your goals. This step is easier to show than explain, so have a look at the example below:

Goal #1: Book 5 New Clients in Quarter 3

Client #1 ________________________________ (write your first new client’s name here)
Client #2 ________________________________ (write your second new client’s name here)
Client #3 ________________________________ etc.
Client #4 ________________________________
Client #4 ________________________________

In this example, as you book each new client, you write their name and information in the next slot on your list. I promise, you will be AMAZED at how fast your slots fill up!

What goals can I use the Chalkboard Method for?

For obvious reasons, this method works best for measurable and numerical goals, such as:
# of clients booked
# of students enrolled in a course
# of new Facebook group members
# of new email list subscribers
However, even if some of your goals aren’t numerical, you can still include them on your chalkboard in a separate section. Seeing your goals smack-dab in front of you every day will motivate you to continue working towards them. For example, you might have a “5 New Clients Booked” section on the left, and then on the right-hand side you could write something like, “Finish setting up my new coaching program”.
Also, for the Chalkboard Method to work, you NEED to put a deadline on your goal. Choose a date you want to achieve it by – that is, the day all of your slots need to be filled up by – and write it down on your chalkboard.

How does the Chalkboard Method work?

It might seem a bit “woo woo” to think that adding slots to your list of goals will actually help you manifest them. But trust me, it works. After doing some digging, I think there are two main reasons we see our goals actualized when we use the Chalkboard Method – one admittedly more “woo woo” than the other…
Reason #1. Having your goals physically in front of you – all day, everyday – motivates you to work towards them non-stop. You want to fill up those slots, so you start doing everything in your power to make it happen.
For example, once my chalkboard was up on the wall in my office, I found myself hustling HARD to book new clients. I sent emails to potential clients on a daily basis. I reached out in Facebook groups where I saw people struggling. I re-worked my services page to better attract my ideal clients.
And you already know the results: I filled up every single slot on my chalkboard a month earlier than my deadline. WOOP!
Reason #2. This is the more “woo-woo” reason, and it’s touched on in the Being Boss episode. The girls claim that the Chalkboard Method is effective because it “makes space” in your business for what you’re hoping to receive or achieve. As in, you’re literally creating space by adding slots or spaces to your list of goals.
When we make space for new things – clients, subscribers, students, or sales – we’re telling the Universe exactly what we’re hoping for and allowing it to deliver.
Whether you believe in manifesting or not, I strongly suggest giving the Chalkboard Method a try. I was skeptical at first, but I think my results speak for themselves. At the very least, take the time to set some concrete goals for your blog and business, and place them front and center in your workspace. Then get hustlin’!
Do you believe in manifestation? Have you tried the Chalkboard Method or something similar?

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