What It’s Really Like to Blog Full-Time & My Daily Routine

Since quitting my job in March of 2016 and launching Blog Beautifully in April, my life has done a complete 180.
I went from working an 8-5 job that I had zero passion for, to being my own boss, setting my own schedule, and doing something I absolutely love every single day. Someone pinch me!
I wake up in the morning so excited to get to work, and a lot of the time I have trouble falling asleep at night because there are so many ideas for blog posts and projects swirling around in my head. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
If it’s your dream to blog full-time, my best advice is to GO FOR IT. Take a leap of faith like I did, and know that if it’s meant to work out, it will. I’m sure you’ve day-dreamed a time or two about what it would be like, and I can honestly tell you it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.
What It's Really Like to Be a Full-Time Blogger. make money online | make money from home | daily routine

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My Daily Routine as a Full Time Blogger

Although my schedule isn’t set in stone, there’s a general pattern I like to follow as I work through my day. I find that having a loose schedule helps keep me organized, on track, and getting stuff done. Let’s start off with what I do first thing when I wake up…


I’m usually awake by 6:30 or 7, and the first thing I always do is get my exercise and yoga practice in. Yoga makes SUCH a difference in my mindset for the rest of the day, it’s unbelievable. I notice on days when I haven’t practiced yoga, I’m more flustered, irritated, and antsy throughout the day. Yuck.
I’ve been working through Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Camp and I’m loving it. Highly, highly recommend.
I also go to the gym a few days a week to get in some cardio and get my blood pumping a bit. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty great gym where I live, so 3-4 mornings a week I head there first thing and get in 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill.
Once I’m back home, it’s time to take care of all the morning necessities: showering, having breakfast, brushing my teeth. You know the drill.
For breakfast it’s usually either cereal or toast. I’m not big on cooking in the morning, mostly because I like to get started on my work right away (remember what I was saying about being super excited to get to work every day? I wasn’t joking!)
I usually sit down at my desk between 8 and 9, depending on what time I woke up . The first few business-related tasks I tackle are always the same:
+ Checking emails and social media
+ Scheduling tweets for the day using Hootsuite
+ Scheduling pins using Boardbooster
+ Checking Facebook and interacting in groups
At this point, I’m also scrolling through my Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’ feeds to see what my favorite bloggers have uploaded that day. I always try to share some of their new blog posts on Twitter and Pinterest.
Facebook is a big source of business for me, so I make a point to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning reading through recent posts in the groups I belong to, and seeing where I can interact and help out. I found my first few clients this way, and I love being able to connect with people before jumping right into “work talk”.
Once I’ve completed my morning admin tasks, it’s time to move on to what I call the “real” work. This involves client work, writing new blog posts, creating graphics and images, networking, and working on new ecourses and ebooks.
I usually create a to-do list for my day the night before, so I know exactly what my goals and plans for the day are. What I work on from day to day changes, depending on what my big focus is at that point in time.
For example, when I was finishing up my Beginner Blogger Bootcamp course, most of my time was devoted to writing the content, promoting it during pre-launch, and getting people to sign up for the course once it was live.


My philosophy on lunch is that you’re either a big lunch person or you’re not – there’s no in-between. I’m definitely not a lunch person, but I AM a big foodie. So basically, I relish any time I get to spend eating (get it? Relish? ha!)
I take my lunch break whenever I start to feel hungry, which is usually around 12:30. I like to make something I can throw in the oven and forget about (e.g., baked chicken) or some kind of pre-made dish that I can just warm up and eat quickly. Can you tell I’m not big on cooking?
I’ll be honest, I usually eat my lunch at my work desk, or if I’m not at my desk, then at the table in my office. I’m sure there will come a day when I’m not so riled up about my work, but right now everything is so fresh and exciting that I’m always itching to get back to my computer.


Afternoons are my most productive time of the day. I’ve never been what you’d called a “morning person” (although I’m trying to be better about waking up early), and I feel like my creative juices don’t get flowing until at least noon.
Like I said, there’s no strict pattern or schedule to what I do throughout the day, and my afternoons are no exception. I just keep on moving through my to-do list, checking things off as I go. Right now my lists live in my pretty little blog notebook, but I’ve been playing around with Asana recently and I think I might move my lists there soon.
As if I need to further explain why I feel like I’m living a dream, the pool at my condo just opened this weekend, and I may or may not be taking my laptop out there to work in the afternoons. Seriously, it’s heaven. Working on my blog and working on my tan, what could be better?


I try to wrap up my work by 5:30 or 6, depending on what time I started that morning and where I’m at with the project I’m working on. I’m one of those people who has a hard time stopping something when I’m right in the middle of it. So if I’m making progress on something, I’ll keep working on it right up until dinner, and even after dinner sometimes.
Even after I step away from my desk, the “work” doesn’t really end there. Throughout the evening I check up on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I also try to go on Pinterest at least once more to pin.
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A Day in the Life

To give you an example of what I get up to each day, here’s a rough idea of what my schedule from yesterday looked like:
6:30 Wake Up, Gym, Yoga
7:30 Breakfast, Shower, etc.
8:30 Admin Tasks (checking emails, social media)
9:30 Write a guest post
10:00 Client work
11:00 Finish up guest post and send
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 Write new blog post for Blog Beautifully
2:00 Make design changes on my website
3:00 Work on my upcoming ecourse
If I’ve crossed everything off my list before the work day is over, I’ll go ahead and work on any other posts or projects I’ve been itching to get started on.
Throughout the day, I also take a few 5-10 minute breaks here and there, and I use this time to check my Twitter feed or go on Pinterest.
I also try to do some chores and general tidying up around the house, things like starting laundry, doing the dishes, sweeping or vacuuming. If I can get that kind of stuff taken care of during the day, I’m able to spend the entire evening relaxing and hanging out with the hubs, which is perfect.
And that’s it! That’s what my daily routine as a full time blogger looks like right now. I’m sure my schedule will grow and adapt over time, but so far I’m really happy with how it’s working out, and how much I’m able to get accomplished each day.
(Psssst. here’s my updated version of my daily routine!!)
One of the things I love most about blogging full-time is that the only person who decides what I work on, and when I work on it, is me. It’s a bit scary at times, knowing that your business and livelihood is completely in your own hands. But I have a lot of faith that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Going “Full-Time”

If you’ve been considering making the move from “side hustle” to “full-time gig”, here are a few things you need to keep in mind about being a full-time blogger:
1. You won’t always know when or where your next “paycheck” is coming from. This is scary. I recommend saving up some cash ahead of time to have as a fallback plan when things get tough.
2. You are your best, biggest, and ONLY asset. You need to be constantly putting your best foot forward, making connections, and networking.
3. If you’re blogging about something you’re not 100% passionate, educated, and knowledgeable about, you’re going to fail. Your topic or “niche” needs to be something that will keep you motivated, engaged, and inspired day in and day out.
4. Aside from all of that, if blogging is something you really truly love, making the leap to full-time will feel a dream come true. I honestly feel like I’m walking on clouds when I step into my office in the morning, or when I get to sit out by the pool with my laptop and notebook in the afternoon. Like, is this really my job?
That’s all from me today! Let me know down below if you have any questions about blogging full-time, how to get yourself there, or if you need help or suggestions for getting your business set up.

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