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I get a lot of similar questions from my lovely readers, so I’ve rounded them all up on this page. Have a look through to see if your questions are answered!
1. I want to start a blog, but I don’t know where to begin… HELP!
I have the PERFECT free program for you. It’s called Beginner Blogger Bootcamp, and it will teach you how to start your blog, rock out on social media, nail your branding, create an email list, and more!
>>> Click here to join Beginner Blogger Bootcamp (it’s free!)

2. What’s your favorite tool/program/course for X?
I’ve compiled a huge list of all my favorite blog and business tools RIGHT OVER HERE. Everything from social media schedulers to the software I use to the courses I’ve taken and recommend. Definitely check out that resources list, because you’ll find a ton of amazing things listed there!

3. Do you have any suggestions for making money as a new blogger?
My favorite monetization methods are affiliate marketing, offering services, and creating online courses. I truly believe that all of these can be successful without a huge audience!
They do, however, require that you have a strong foundation in place for your blog. This includes a specific and targeted niche, helpful, in-depth content, and a loyal audience of readers.
Helping women achieve financial freedom through their blogs is my biggest passion and the main goal of my website. In fact, I’ve created a 12-week course devoted to exactly that! The course is called Profit From Your Passion and you can join the waitlist for the next enrollment period HERE.

4. What blogging platform do you recommend?
I personally use and love self-hosted WordPress. I use InMotion for my web hosting, and they’re fantastic! I also recommend Siteground, and I have a tutorial on setting up your website with Siteground here.

5. What theme do you use on your website?
I use the Tweak Me V2 theme by Nose Graze. It’s phenomenal! Perfect for pros and beginners alike. You can purchase this theme HERE.

6. What should I focus on when I’m just starting out as a blogger?
My biggest piece of advice is to avoid spreading yourself too thin by trying to do everything at once! Instead, focus on a few specific tasks that will bring you a high return on your investment. Here are a few suggestions:
• Focus on the two social media platforms that your readers hang out on the most
• Write helpful, foundational content for your blog at least once every week
• Join affiliate programs and incorporate affiliate links into your blog posts
• Make connections with your peers and readers. Facebook groups are GREAT for this. I have an awesome group right over here!
• Start an email list and use it to build community. Check out my posts about email lists HERE.

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