7 Strategies to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers in 30 Days or Less

Full disclosure: it actually took me 34 days to get my first 100 email subscribers, not 30 (just being #real with you guys). But somehow, “How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers in 34 Days or Less” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, now does it?
When you’re brand new to blogging and trying to build up your email list, a lot of what you do will be hit-or-miss.
You’re testing out different strategies, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It can be frustrating when you feel like you’ve created the “perfect” opt-in freebie, only to have zero people sign up for it. I know what that feels like, trust me.
Now, two months and a few hundred subscribers later, I’ve developed a set of strategies that help me grow my email list faster and faster every single week. And today, I want to share my email list secrets with you.
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Not sure why you need an email list as a blogger? Head over and read this post first, then come back. I’ll wait! And yes, even if you just started your very first blog, if you plan on making money from your blog one day – or if you just want another way to engage and connect with your readers – an email list is a must.
The 7 strategies below are the things that helped me grow my own list to 100 subscribers and beyond. Give these a try on your blog, and I guarantee your list will be growing in no time.

Strategy #1. Offer the right kind of freebies

Your freebies and content upgrades should be useful, actionable, and something that couldn’t have just as easily been made into a blog post. That last point is important! If your readers see your freebie and think, “Why didn’t she just write a blog post about this?”, they’ll feel like you’re holding out on them.
Examples of actionable freebies include:
+ workbooks
+ video tutorials
+ schedulers/planners
+ checklists

Why this works

Creating actionable freebies shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond to provide valuable content for your readers. Plus, people are way more willing to hand over their email address for a workbook than they are for something simple like a list of tips (that they could probably find elsewhere).
Here’s my in-depth post and free workbook on creating a freebie your readers will love!

Strategy #2. Switch up your freebies

When you’re just starting out, you’ll want to create a mix of different freebies and content upgrades to offer as opt-ins for your list. These might include:
+ workbooks
+ checklists
+ videos
+ planners
+ stock photos
+ templates
+ etc.

Why this works

Chances are, certain types of freebies, and certain topics, will appeal to your audience more than others. It’s up to you to figure out what those are! Play around with it, and don’t become tied down to one particular idea. Be flexible, and try out different formats and topics until you “strike gold” and find something your audience loves.

Strategy #3. Create a resource library

Because what’s better than a single freebie? Lots of freebies! Pile them all together into one big resource library, and then turn that library into a password-protected page on your website. In order to get the password, all people have to do is sign up for your email list.

Why this works

Because everyone loves free stuff, durr! And the more free stuff, the better.
If you’re not sure how to create a password-protected resource library, Melyssa Griffin has a really great tutorial herefor WordPress users.

Strategy #4. Create a free email course

This alone has added more than 100 people to my email list in the past 30 days. Crazy, right? Although email courses take more work to put together than a standard opt-in freebie, the results are so, so worth it.

Why this works

The information and value you can provide in an email course is unparalleled, and it makes for a pretty tempting opt-in. Plus, email courses help subscribers get comfortable seeing your name in their inbox, which will be important when you start sending newsletters or implementing sales funnels down the road.

Strategy #5. Send out a weekly newsletter

Tempt readers into signing up for your email list by letting them know that you send bonus content to your subscribers every single week. “Bonus content” means content you haven’t already shared on your blog, by the way. And yes, that means you can’t just re-hash your latest blog post. A simple RSS-feed isn’t a very enticing offer to join your list – sorry!

Why this works

It works because it’s fun to feel like you’re part of a secret club, and to feel like you’re getting secret information that only a few other people are getting (even if it’s actually a few thousand people).
I personally love being on the mailing lists of some of my favorite bloggers, and being the first to know when they’ve uploaded a new post. I also like when they send out more personal emails, and love getting behind-the-scenes “sneak peeks” into their lives.

Strategy #6. Have 2-3 opt-ins on every page of your site

Try to put email list signups in at least 2-3 different places on every page of your website. This could be in your:
+ top bar/top menu
+ cover page/welcome mat
+ sidebar
+ footer
+ blog posts
Variety is the key here. Use each of these places to promote a kind of opt-in freebie. For example, in your sidebar, you could have a signup for your weekly newsletters and an opt-in for a checklist freebie. You can then use your top bar to promote your latest email course, and throughout your blog posts, promote various other content upgrades.

Why this works

What appeals to one person might not appeal to another. Having a variety of options on each page ensures you aren’t missing out on any potential subscribers by promoting only one type of freebie.

Strategy #7. Share your opt-ins on social media

This has been a big point of growth for me, especially in the past few weeks. At the beginning of the month, I created a “Master List” of promo tweets for each one of my opt-in freebies and content upgrades. Every week, I schedule 10-15 of these tweets using Hootsuite.

Why this works

Your followers won’t read every single blog post you write, and they won’t see every single tweet or Facebook update you post. They miss things. It’s your job to keep readers informed of all the awesome content you’ve created for them!
Plus, you’ve spent all this time creating the perfect opt-in freebie, so make sure you’re taking the time to promote it properly! By regularly mentioning your freebies on social media, you’re helping out any of your readers that missed hearing about those freebies the first time around.
What strategies have you used to grow your email list? What strategies do you want to try next?

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