Group Boards: The Secret To Explosive Blog Traffic (Part 2)

Today we’re taking a second look at group boards on Pinterest – specifically, how to use them to dramatically increase your followers, re-pin rate, and the amount of click-through traffic to your website. Sound like something you’re into? I thought so!
(If you’re looking for a more basic overview of group boards – like what they are and how to join them – be sure to check out the first post in this series.)
In today’s post, we’ll be going over:
• How many group boards you should join
• What and when you should be pinning to group boards
• How to know when it’s the right time to create your own
• How to set up and run a successful group board
So first up: Just how many group boards should you be a part of?
How to Explode Your Traffic with Group Boards. Pinterest tips, blog traffic tips, grow blog, group board strategies.

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How Many Group Boards Should I Join?

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many group boards. As long as you’re joining the right kind of group boards, that is.
For my own account and my clients’ accounts, I usually aim to have about half of the boards be group boards. Like we talked about in Part 1, the more group boards you can pin your content to, the better!
Now, obviously, there’s a point where you can go overboard with that. If you belong to 50 group boards but can only spend 15 minutes/week on Pinterest, a lot of those group board opportunities are going to waste. And we don’t want that!
If you love the idea of utilizing group boards, but you’re on a bit of a time crunch, check out the BoardBooster feature called “Campaigns”. It’s absolutely amazing, trust me!

How often should I pin to group boards?

As much as they’ll allow! Most group boards will have rules in regards to how many pins you can add to them per day (2, 5, 10, etc.), so check the board’s description to see if there’s a limit.
To really maximize group boards, don’t be afraid to go right up to that limit of 2, 5, 10 pins a day – whatever the case may be. If you’re only pinning to a group board once a week, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow not only your Pinterest account, but your blog traffic as well.
Now, this might sound crazy, but I actually recommend pinning to group boards more than you pin to your regular boards. Why? Because group boards have a lot more followers than your own account/boards. And remember:
benefits of joining pinterest group boards
I’ll explain a bit more about this in just a minute, but for now let’s move on to the next question!

What should I pin to group boards?

Pay extra attention to this bit, because it’s super important.
You do NOT have to pin ONLY your own original content to group boards.
I repeat. You CAN and SHOULD be re-pinning other people’s content onto group boards.
You might be wondering why on earth you would do that, especially if your main goal is to drive traffic back to your own website. In order to explain, let’s take another look at that flow chart.
benefits of joining pinterest group boards
See how one of the end results over on the right is a higher ranking in Pinterest’s algorithms? That’s your big goal when it comes to Pinterest: Ranking highly.
Because when you rank highly, your account, pins, and boards are “recommended” to other Pinners more often. Ever see those “Picked For You” pins in your home feed? That’s what I’m talking about here!
Here’s another flow chart that breaks down this entire process, so you can see why it’s so important to rank highly in Pinterest’s algorithms:
pinterest group boards algorithm
We all want more followers, re-pins, and blog traffic, right? And to achieve that, we need to boost our ranking on Pinterest. But how do we do that?
There are a lot of factors that contribute, but one of the main ones is your re-pin rate – that is, how many times, on average, your pins are re-pinned by other people.
The more re-pins you have, the more “popular” your pins seem to be. Pinterest realizes that your pins are good stuff, and then it’s going to recommend them to other Pinners who have indicated an interest in your niche/topic. It’s simple, but magical!
To increase your rate of re-pins – and thus, your ranking – you’ll want to do two things:
a) Pin frequently (daily, if possible)
b) Pin high-quality content to group boards OFTEN
Sometimes the high-quality content you pin to group boards will be your own blog posts, and sometimes it’ll be someone else’s content. That’s my point here! You don’t want to only share your own content to group boards, you want to share anything and everything that fits onto the board.

Following the rules of group boards

Keep in mind that most boards will have specific rules of what you can and can’t pin to them. For example, this might be:
+ Only pins with a text overlay
+ Only pins without a text overlay
+ Only vertical pins
+ Only pins that are tagged to a specific location
It’s important to follow these guidelines, otherwise you run the risk of being removed from the group board (which isn’t the greatest feeling!) So make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules of each group board before going on a pinning spree.

When to create your own group board

Once you have a decent number of followers and engagement – both on Pinterest and your blog – it might be the perfect time to start your own group board. Although there’s no steadfast rule as to how many followers you need to have before starting a group board, I like to look at it this way:
If you can think of 20-30 people off the top of your head that would love to join a group board in your niche, then go for it! It’s as simple as that.

How to create a group board

Creating a group board is exactly the same as creating a regular board, but with one extra step. Once you’ve:
+ Created the board
+ Titled it
+ Categorized it
+ Written a description for it
it’s time to invite other pinners to contribute!
Sending invites is super, super easy. All you have to do is click on the little + sign next to your smiling face on the right-hand side of the page when you’re looking at the board.
how to invite people to join your group board
You’ll then get a pop-up box where you can type in another Pinner’s username or email address to invite them. Hit Enter, and your invite is sent!

How to monitor your group board

It’s always a good idea to set some ground rules for your group board, to ensure that other people are only sharing high-quality pins to the board. You can do this by writing guidelines in the board’s description.
Obviously, your guidelines will vary depending on your niche, the number of pinners contributing, and the aesthetic you’re going for. To see what types of general rules you might want to set for your group board, have a look back at the “Following the Rules of Group Boards” section above.
If you need help enforcing your rules, BoardBooster has a really great tool called the Group Manager. Within the Group Manager, you can set certain guidelines for your group board, and then you’ll be able to see if and when someone breaks one of the rules.

How to grow your group boards

Obviously, as your audience, email list, and Pinterest followers grow, you’ll get more and more requests from people wanting to join your group board(s).
For that reason, it’s important that you let other pinners know how to secure an invite to your board by writing clear, specific directions in the board’s description (see Part 1 for more details on that!)
Besides this natural growth, there are a lot of other strategies you can use to grow your group board. Some of my favorites are:
+ Announcing it to your email list
+ Mentioning and linking to it on your blog
+ Talking about it on social media
+ Promoting it in Collaboration threads in Facebook groups
+ Asking your blog-BFFs to share it with their audience

Final Thoughts on Group Boards

Having a group board is a great way to establish your expertise on a certain topic, so if you’ve been thinking about creating one, I say go for it!
Choose a topic that fits perfectly within your niche, and that would appeal to your ideal audience. Then, invite all of your peers to contribute.
Group boards are without-a-doubt one of my favorite things about Pinterest. When used properly, they can grow your blog traffic faster than anything else!

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  • Great tips! I’ve been trying to utilize group board more lately – they definitely help!

  • Krista, really good information in here. I got a lot of tips that I will use for sure. Question, how do you deal with having duplicate pins in a group board (if it is allowed by the board)? At some point, you will run out of your own pins and may need to pin again to the board. Do you have any tips on how to do this without affecting your membership to the board? Thanks!

    • Thanks Ruth!

      Definitely, I think duplicate pins are something that come with the territory of group boards. The easiest way I’ve found to keep track of them is by using the “Duplication Control” features that come with BoardBooster, my favorite Pinterest tool ever! They allow you to set a limit on how frequently your pins can be re-shared to the same board. For example, only every 10 days, only every 500 pins, etc. It’s SUPER helpful, and takes out all of the guesswork!


  • Chelsea Hodges

    Great post, I never thought about pinning other’s content onto the group boards as well. That is a great point and I’ll keep that in mind. Great blog!

  • I’m so glad I read this – I didn’t even think it could be useful to pin others’ content to group boards! Thank you for the tips 🙂

  • Kathryn Daniel

    Love this series on group boards. I was searching to find out how often to pin to group boards and found your posts. So glad that I did! How often do you recommend pinning a specific pin to a large group board – once a week?

    • So glad you’re finding them helpful, Kathryn!

      It depends on the “rules” for each group board, and how often they allow duplicates. I have my BoardBooster settings configured so that I don’t share the same pin to the same board more than once every 14 days 🙂


      • Kathryn Daniel

        Perfect! Thank you!

  • Pam from Wine and Lavender

    Great post! Easy to read and follow. I’m so glad someone finally laid out the Group Board mystery for me- I’ve been told to have only up to 5 Group Boards and couldn’t figure out why. I was thinking, “Isn’t more better???”. Looks like I was right. Thank you.

    • Hi Pam! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

      I totally agree — when it comes to group boards, more IS definitely better. Glad to hear this post resonated with you, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about group boards or Pinterest in the future! xx

  • Hi Krista,
    Great post! One question….When pinning to group boards, do you only pin a pin to one group board (when it’s someone else’s pin), or do you pin to multiple boards? Thanks!

    • Thanks Kimberly! For the most part, I pin one pin to one group board. That way I don’t have duplicates next to each other in the feed of pins on my Pinterest profile! xx

      • Krista, Thanks for such a quick reply. As a follow-up to my question…That includes even when you’re utilizing a scheduler?

        • If you are using a scheduler, you absolutely can pin the same pin to more than one group boards. It’s totally up to you! 🙂

          • Thanks for your help Krista! I’m working very hard to nail down the Pinterest “secret sauce”. While I’ve been successful at getting Pinterest traffic, I’m still struggling a bit in terms of getting a volume of traffic. It’s taken me a while to really understand the “strategies” of pinning and using the schedulers (Tailwind) strategically. But I’m working it! Thanks again for this post and your advice. It’s appreciated!

          • You’re very welcome, Kimberly! If you’re interested, I have a post where I go over my top BoardBooster techniques, and how I incorporate a scheduling/pinning tool into my overall Pinterest strategy. You can check that post out here:

            From what you’ve described, I also think you’ll love my Pinterest course, “Pageviews from Pinterest”. Have you heard of it? I’ll leave the link here for you to learn more!


          • I will check them out. Many thanks!

  • Ayana Ori

    Thanks for sharing this ! I’m struggling to successfully use pinterest. I will try those strategies

  • Hi there Krista,
    I’m making blog for gym, weight loss and fitness, I have lots of group boards, but also read about affiliate products on pinterest. Can I use this board booster strategy and group boards for promoting affiliate products mainly ebooks. As I have around 120 fitness and health related group boards.


  • Jessica Miller

    I use Boardbooster too and love it, but recently I heard someone saying that Pinterest just started punishing pinners who use it. They were promoting Tailwind (no big surprise there) but I was curious if you think there’s any truth to it. I’m pretty new so I haven’t had a chance to compare traffic results between the two. I’m still trying to GET traffic, haha!

    Anyway, just curious what your experience has been. Thanks for another great article packed full of good tips!

    Jessica |

    • Interesting! Where did you hear that from? I haven’t heard that myself or experienced it on my own account. I actually stopped using BoardBooster for a couple of months over the summer as I needed to revamp my pinning/board strategies, and I noticed a significant decrease in my stats and growth. But when I started using BB again, my stats went right back up! 🙂