7 Foolproof Ways to Get More Re-pins on Pinterest (Even as a Beginner!)

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is that it’s a platform based on sharing. You design a gorgeous pin, share it to a few group boards, and BOOM. Your pin gets re-pinned by hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of people (said in my best Dr. Evil voice).
But wait a minute, hold up there. Maybe this isn’t exactly how things usually go down for you…
Ever wish you could crack the code and figure out how to get THOUSANDS of people re-pinning your pins?
If so, you’re not alone! I recently sent out a survey to my mailing list asking for feedback before I created my Pinterest ecourse, Pageviews from Pinterest. And you know what? Over 70% of respondents said they were struggling with re-pins and couldn’t figure out how to get more!
And because re-pins are one of the cornerstones to your Pinterest success, I knew I needed to address this ASAP. Enter: Today’s post! I’ve put together 7 foolproof strategies you can use to boost your re-pin rate in no time. Ready to dive in?
7 Foolproof Ways to Get More Re-Pins on Pinterest. pinterest tips, blogging tips, pinterest for beginners.

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7 Strategies to Get More Re-Pins on Pinterest

#1. Pin more often.

The more things you pin, the higher chance that something of yours will get re-pinned! Plus, when you’re active on Pinterest throughout the day, your status as a “Power Pinner” gets bumped up, meaning Pinterest is more likely to show YOUR pins in other people’s home feeds.
Aim to re-pin around 40-50 things per day. These will be a mix of pins from your own website, pins from other bloggers’ sites, and pins you re-pin from your homefeed. I’ve come across lots of people who don’t know they can be re-pinning other people’s content, not just pinning their own. Yes, please, absolutely do that!

#2 . . . But don’t just pin anything.

If you want to get more re-pins, you need to be selective about what you choose to re-pin. The pins you share should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but the content they link to should be helpful, intriguing, and inspiring for your ideal audience.
When deciding if a pin is worth sharing – and when creating your own pins! – here are a few criteria to keep in mind:
+ Pins should be long and vertical; a ratio of 2:3 or even 1:2 works best. This helps pins stand out more in the homefeed, therefore making them more likely to be noticed, clicked on, and re-pinned (score!)
+ When creating pins, incorporate your brand fonts and colors.
+ Pins should have a text overlay that tells pinners what the post is about. Use a program like Canva, PicMonkey, or Adobe Illustrator to add large, bold, text to your images.
Here are a few examples of ladies rocking their pin design:

xo SarahRachel of The Haute Notes

#3. Use BoardBooster to loop your pins.

BoardBooster’s Looping feature gives all your pins a “second chance” to make it big on Pinterest (and a third, fourth, and fifth chance too). You’ve spent all this time creating beautiful pins, so don’t let them go to waste!
Use Looping to re-share your original pins every so often, giving them more chances to catch people’s eye and get re-pinned. For more information on BoardBooster and how to use the Looping tool to your advantage, check out this post where I talk about Looping in detail!

#4. Write pin-worthy content.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but have you ever really stopped to think about it? Did you know that certain kinds of content are 10x more likely to get shared on Pinterest than others?
Here are some tidbits to help you optimize your blog posts for Pinterest:
+ Choose catchy, attention-grabbing titles. If you struggle with headlines, play around with the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – it’s awesome!
+ Write in-depth, actionable content that’s super valuable for a specific audience. Don’t be so broad that readers can’t walk away after reading your post and implement your strategies right away!
+ Write long, detailed posts – but not toooo long. Too short and your content won’t be useful or engaging enough, and too long and no one will make it all the way through. The sweet spot for my audience is between 800 and 1500 words, but play around until you figure out the perfect length for your own readers.
+ Write lists. People LOVE lists. Especially when you number them, like “5 Ways to Do This” or “10 Tips to Achieve That”. Not only do they know exactly how much content is packed into your post (5 tips, 10 steps, etc.), but it’s also a nice, orderly way for them to consume the content.

#5. Write stellar pin descriptions.

Pinterest is a search engine, meaning your pin descriptions are “searchable”. When you write your pin descriptions, include as many popular and relevant keywords as you can. Write something that would make YOU want to re-pin, click over, and read the post.
Here are a few criteria of a strong pin description:
+ Around 2-4 sentences long
+ Filled with popular and relevant keywords
+ Describes exactly what the post is about
+ Includes a Call-to-Action to re-pin and/or click over to read the post
Not sure how to find the perfect keywords to use on Pinterest? This post has all the details!

#6. Enable Rich Pins

I feel like I’m always harping on about Rich Pins, but they are seriously SO important – yet I see so many people without them! Rich Pins are more likely to be re-pinned than regular pins, and they also perform better in terms of Pinterest SEO.
If your blog is on self-hosted WordPress, Melyssa Griffin has an awesome tutorial on enabling Rich Pins with the Yoast SEO plugin. If you’re on Blogger, Squarespace, or another platform, do a Google search to find a tutorial you can follow along with. Google has all the answers!

#7. Pin to group boards. A LOT.

If you read my blog regularly, I’m sure my love for Pinterest group boards is no surprise to you! In my opinion, they’re one of the quickest ways to grow your Pinterest account, your traffic, and your re-pin rate.
Why? Because when you pin to group boards, you’re getting your pins in front of thousands of people – sometimes even tens or hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of the group board. And that, my friend, means a WAY higher likelihood of your pins being re-pinned!
I won’t chat about group boards in too much detail, because I could seriously go on all. flippen. day about how awesome they are. But if you want to learn how to scout out the perfect group boards and join them, I have a super in-depth group board series for you!
So there you have it, babes! 7 super actionable strategies you can implement on your account TODAY to get more re-pins on Pinterest. Are you already using these strategies? Do you have any other tips for getting more re-pins? I’d love to know!

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