The #1 Thing Holding You Back & How to Create an “MVP” For Your Blog

Back in February, I released my first ever ebook, The Girlboss Bloggers Handbook…
How long do you think it took me to put that book together? A few months? Maybe a year?
Nope. Try three weeks. In fact, the content was written in two single afternoons. Now, the perfectionists out there are probably reading this like, Gasp! Two afternoons!! No way did it end up anywhere near perfect.
And – spoiler alert – it didn’t.
Spoiler Alert #2: That’s okay.
Seriously, chasing after perfection is a total waste of time. Yet it’s something I see 95% of new bloggers struggling with…
I can’t launch my blog until it’s completely perfect.
I can’t start making money from my blog until my Services page is just right.
I can’t do XYZ because IT’S NOT PERFECT YET.
But this way of thinking is so, SO detrimental to your growth and success. Because guess what? Perfection is un-fricken-achievable. UNACHIEVABLE. So why waste your time chasing after it?
Instead, I encourage you to focus on creating what’s called an MVP: a Minimum Viable Product. Whether it’s your blog, your new ebook, or a course you’ve been wanting to create – just make it good enough. The first time around, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Because here’s the thing: later down the road, once your skills have improved, your knowledge has grown, and you have more free time, you can go back in and make it better. The first time you release it, no one is going to hate you for sharing something that isn’t 100% perfect!
In fact, they’re going to love you for creating something that’s incredibly valuable for them: whether it’s a blog post, an ebook, a course, or something else. Yes – even if it’s not perfect. They’re going to love it (and you) anyways.
Put yourself out there. Put your stuff out there, way before it’s “perfect”. That’s exactly what I did with The Girlboss Blogger’s Handbook. I wrote it in two afternoons, spent a day designing it and setting up the sales page, and I launched it.
And I sold 40 copies on the first day alone!
No, it wasn’t perfect. But the value was there, and tons of ladies messaged me in the first week to say how much they loved the book. So you know what I did next? When I had some free time, I temporarily took the book off the market, revamped it and made it 10x better, and I relaunched it.
(And P.S. I’m so dang proud of this second edition that I could literally squeal!!)
I’m also proud of myself for not letting perfectionism get in the way of creating something that I knew would help other people. And I encourage you to look at it the same way.
So babe: are there areas of your life and your blog where perfectionism is holding you back? How can you start kicking perfectionism to the curb and focusing on letting your light shine (even if things aren’t 100% perfect)?
Also, if you missed yesterday’s email, the Girlboss Bloggers Handbook has been renamed to The Blogging Babe’s Handbook, and is now available for purchase.
If you’d like to have a peek at the new and improved version, just click here!
Like I said, I’m incredibly proud of this second version. I’ve poured over every inch of it, and put my heart and soul into making it just right for you. The first edition was wonderful, but this one is even better.
P.S. If you purchased the Girlboss Bloggers Handbook in the past, you should have received a copy of the new edition in your email on Thursday. Check your Spam/Junk folders if you haven’t seen it yet!

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Here's the #1 thing holding you back from achieving success with your blog (and your life!) ... Perfectionism. It's time to kick perfectionism to the curb and start focusing on MVPs instead. Click through to learn how!

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  • Tina O

    Hi Krista – I just purchased your ebook. I’m looking forward to learning tips to get my blog off the ground and eventually quit my day job. 🙂

    • Awe thank you so much, Tina! I can’t wait to see you make that happen (I have total faith in you!)

      P.S. I just noticed that I had something set up wrong with the delivery of the ebook, so if you haven’t received an email about it yet, you should receive one soon! Happy learning 🙂

  • Gillian Perkins

    You’re completely right! Done is way better than perfect. Thank you for continuing to share your blogging advice with the world. 🙂