Quarter 1 in Review: How I Made $15,000 From My Blog, New Discoveries, & More

I love reading other bloggers’ income reports, although I’ve never shared one of my own before. So I thought, “Why not?” In this post, not only will I share how much money I made from my blog in Quarter 1, I’ll also share…
+ Highlights from the past 3 months
+ Lowlights and lessons learned
+ My favorite tools and discoveries so far this year
+ The blog posts I shared on Blog Beautifully in Quarter 1
+ What’s ahead for Quarter 2
Needless to say, this post is going to be massive – so grab yourself a fresh bevvy (spiced rum and coke for me, please) and let’s get into it.
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My Blogging Income For Quarter 1: $15,000

I had a fabulous quarter in terms of income, earning around $15,000 from my blog. Keep in mind this is before paying taxes, which I’ll do next spring. I also incurred a few thousand dollars of business-related expenses in Quarter 1.

Where did the money come from?

If you’ve read my ebook, you know that I encourage you to have your hand dipped into several different money “pots” (so to speak) if you’re serious about making an income online. And that’s exactly how I run my business.
The $15,000 I earned in Quarter 1 came from a few main sources:
+ Selling online courses
+ Selling ebooks
+ Offering services
+ Affiliate marketing
Over 50% came from online course sales, which is one of my favorite methods of monetization. I launched my ecourse, Profit From Your Passion, for the first time in January. I’ll talk later in this post about how the launch went!

Where did the money go?

I’m a big believer that in order to generate more profits for your business, you have to be willing to spend some money too.
Woo-Woo: Money is a form of energy, and when you spend money on your life’s work, you kickstart the flow of money into your own life.
My business expenses fall into two main categories:
1. Tools and software
This includes things like:
+ Teachable for hosting my online courses
+ ConvertKit for managing my email list
Adobe Illustrator for graphic design
BoardBooster for growing my Pinterest account
2. Learning and business development
This includes courses I take and books I read to expand my knowledge and improve my blog and business. I’ll talk about some of these a little later in the post!
Needless to say, I’m over-the-moon with my Quarter 1 income. It’s double what I used to make at my old day job, but now I get to do something that I love every day, and – bonus – only work 25 or 30 hours a week.

Quarter 1 Lowlights & Lessons Learned

I should probably start with the highlights first, but since there was only one “lowlight” (as I’ve decided to title this section) I thought I’d just get it out of the way first.
In March, my Facebook group of nearly 9,000 members was shut down by Facebook. It was upsetting, but the situation isn’t really worth rehashing. It was essentially due to the fact that I used a word in the group’s name that had been trademarked by someone else.
As sad as it was to lose my group, it was also a blessing in disguise. It gave me some much-needed down time while I worked to create the new group, and allowed me to slightly shift the focus of the new group to better align with my new direction.

Lesson Learned

Always check trademarks before choosing a name for anything – even your free stuff like Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, etc. To see if a word or phrase has been trademarked in your country, search the following phrase on Google and you should find what you need:

“Trademark database + (name of country)”


Highlights from Quarter 1

There were so many amazing and exciting things that happened in Quarter 1 that it was hard to narrow it down for this list! I was originally going to share 10 highlights with you, but I’ve reigned it in to just 4.

#1. I launched Profit From Your Passion for the first time.

January was a crazy, busy, amazing month. I launched my ecourse, Profit From Your Passion, for the first time, and had a very successful launch by all standards.
I didn’t have a very detailed plan for the launch, and I hadn’t even created the course material yet, but 27 beautiful ladies joined me in Profit From Your Passion. And as I’m writing this, they’re about to graduate from the program (and I couldn’t be more proud!)

#2. I wrote and released my first ebook.

This was a huge accomplishment for me. I love writing, so it’s kind of surprising that I hadn’t written a book until now.
For my first ebook, I wanted to create something beginner-friendly that would help bloggers grow their online communities and start making money online. The book has just recently been revamped, and is now called The Blogging Babes Handbook.
In The Blogging Babes Handbook, I share my “10 commandments” to help you grow a thriving, profitable blog. If you’d like to pick up a copy, just click here!

#3. I resigned from all of my client work.

For the past nine months I was a Pinterest Manager, managing and making over Pinterest accounts for other bloggers. I loved doing that, but I reached a point where I wanted to focus solely on “passive” streams of income – namely, online courses, ebooks, and affiliate marketing.
I knew that stepping away from my client work would free up more time to focus on passive sources of income. Although it will mean a dip in my income to begin with, it will hopefully lead to more profits – and more time freedom – in the future.

#4. I was asked to speak at two online summits.

Exciting, right!? Within one week, I had two awesome ladies reach out to me about being part of their summits. I guess it’s true what they say: when it rains, it pours!
(P.S. I had such a great time at these summits, I’m sad to say they’ve now ended!)

Favorite Tools & Discoveries in Quarter 1

I’ve found some really awesome stuff over the past few months that I can’t wait to share with you! Here are my 4 favorite courses, tools, blog posts and more…

#1. Teachable

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. While I didn’t fall in love with Teachable at first sight, it’s definitely grown on me.
Teachable is the platform I use to host my online courses, like Profit From Your Passion, and I love that it gives me everything I need in one place:
+ A place to host and sell my courses
+ Sales pages
+ Drip content
+ Coupon codes
+ An affiliate program
If you want to sell online courses, I highly recommend Teachable. I know it’s kind of overhyped, but it really is great. They even offer a free plan, which you can stay on indefinitely if you like!

#2. Written Gold course by Halley Gray

I’ve never considered myself an amazing “saleswoman” (if I had to sell cars for a living, I’d probably be broke) but Halley’s course really makes sales pages a breeze. Plus, she’s downright hilarious. Warning: if you’re not a fan of colorful language, this probably isn’t the right course for you.
Check out Written Gold here.

#3. Cerries Mooney’s Archetype Quiz

This is one of my favorite resources ever. If you need help creating a personal brand that looks and feels like you, you’ll love this quiz!
Take the free quiz and discover your archetype here. Let me know what your archetype is in a comment below!

#4. Why You’re Not Making Money From Your Blog & How to Start

Have you ever read a blog post and been like, “Yes! Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been trying/wanting to say.” That’s exactly how I felt while reading this post from Think Creative Collective.
Because the truth is, you CAN make money as a blogger, but a lot of people are approaching it the wrong way or with the wrong mindset.
See where you’re going wrong, and how to fix it, here.

Blog Posts Uploaded in Quarter 1

I’m proud to say that I shared 10 blog posts on Blog Beautifully in the first 3 months of 2017. I’d like to step this up even more for Quarter 2, potentially even uploading twice each week (wish me luck!)
Click on any of the links below to check out each post:
+ 11 Reasons Bloggers Need an Email List From Day One
+ The Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Perfect Email List Platform
+ ConvertKit 101: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
+ 5 Steps to Create an Opt-in Freebie Your Audience Loves
+ 3 Things Your Welcome Email Must Do (And Probably Doesn’t)
+ The 4 Best Tools to Grow & Automate Your Twitter Account
+ 3 Game-Changing Activities Your Business Needs
+ 3 Easy Steps to Start a WordPress Website with Siteground
+ A Pro’s Tips for Choosing a WordPress Theme That Fits You Like a Glove
+ Pinterest for Beginners: 12 Action Items to Start With a Bang


My Goals & Plans for Quarter 2

I have a million plans for the next few months, and so many exciting things I want to do/create/share with you. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to in Quarter 2:

#1. Revamping my older blog posts.

This has been on my to-do list since Quarter 4 of last year, so I’m really looking forward to finally ticking it off. I’d like to update my older posts with new info, add in more internal links (great for pageviews and bounce rate) and add in some affiliate links.
I’ve been focusing a lot more on affiliate marketing this year and it’s really starting to pay off, so I’m excited to see how my income grows as I add affiliate links into my older blog posts. There are about 30 posts that need to be optimized for affiliate marketing, so wish me luck!

#2. Launching Profit From Your Passion for the second time.

The first Profit From Your Passion class was absolutely amazing, and I’m so excited to offer this course again soon!
So there you have it! My Quarter 1 in review. How was your Quarter 1? What do you have planned and what are you most looking forward to in Quarter 2?

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