7 Reasons Every Serious Blogger Should Use ConvertKit For Their Email List

If you want to make money from your blog, having an email list is a MUST. To get started, you’ll need to choose your email list platform. My pick? ConvertKit.
Not sure if ConvertKit is the right email list platform for you? That, my dear, is exactly why I’m writing today’s post! Read on to find out if ConvertKit is the perfect fit for your list…
7 Reasons Every Serious Blogger Should Use ConvertKit. Email list tips, email marketing platforms, beginners.

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7 Reasons Every Serious Blogger Should Use ConvertKit

There are lots of email list platforms (ELPs) to choose from, and as a new blogger, the choice can be a bit daunting. It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of ConvertKit – it’s what I currently use for my own email list, and it’s the platform I recommend to all of my readers, students, and peers.
Here are 7 reasons ConvertKit is the perfect ELP for bloggers who are ready to get serious about growing their email lists and start making money online.

1. ConvertKit comes with built-in landing pages and opt-in forms.

Without having to pay for an additional tool, you can design opt-in forms and landing pages for your freebies within ConvertKit itself. And – best part – the forms are automatically synced with your ConvertKit account (no extra steps needed to merge everything together).
There are 6 designs to choose from, but a basic embedded form will look something like this:

And here’s a ConvertKit landing page created by my friend Meera of meerakothand.com.

2. Subscribers are never counted more than once (so you only pay once).

A common gripe with some ELPs (*cough* MailChimp) is that the same subscriber is sometimes counted multiple times on your email list if they’ve subscribed to multiple freebies. With ELPs, you pay per subscriber, so this is obviously a big issue.
ConvertKit never counts the same subscriber more than once, even if that subscriber has signed up for 10 or more of your freebies. Better yet, with ConvertKit you don’t have to create multiple “lists” for your subscribers like you do with MailChimp, which means you don’t have to worry about subscribers on multiple lists receiving the same email from you multiple times (slightly embarrassing!)

3. ConvertKit comes with tons of easy integrations.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, when you run a blog and online business there are a lot of different tools and software involved. And it’s super important that all of your tools work together seamlessly!
ConvertKit makes things incredibly easy with super-simple integrations. You can quickly integrate your ConvertKit account with…
convertkit integrations
My favorites are the Teachable integration (the platform I use to sell my courses) and the ConvertKit-WordPress plugin, which automatically places opt-in forms at the end of each of my blog posts.

4. ConvertKit has intuitive automation.

I’d argue that automation is THE most important feature to look at when choosing your ELP. You simply can’t manage your email list manually, so easy automation is a must.
ConvertKit’s automation feature is the best I’ve seen to date, simply because of how intuitive it is to use. Here’s what the automation page looks like:
convertkit automations
ConvertKit automations run on an, “If this, then that” basis. Simply choose your “Trigger” on the left and then a resulting “Action” on the right. You can even have multiple Triggers and/or Actions in the same automation rule.
Let me give you a quick example. Say I’m hosting a webinar this week, and people can register for the webinar by opting in to a ConvertKit form OR by clicking a link in an email I sent out (the Triggers).
When someone registers, I want them to automatically receive an email from me with more details about the webinar, AND I want that subscriber to be “tagged” as a webinar attendee (Actions). Here’s how I would set up these Triggers and Actions with just a few clicks:
convertkit automation example
Then I just hit “Save Rule” in the bottom right corner, and my automation is up and running! It really is that simple.

5. ConvertKit has fully customizable email templates.

ConvertKit comes with a few pre-made email templates to choose from, but the best part is that you can use CSS to completely customize a template to your liking.
For example, I took an existing template and made a few changes to better suit my branding and style. I changed the color of the hyperlinks to pink, adjusted the line height and paragraph spacing, and added this section in the footer of my emails:
customized ConvertKit email template
Adding something like this to your ConvertKit email template is an awesome way to promote and sell your paid offerings on autopilot!

6. With ConvertKit, it’s easy to build email courses and sales funnels.

I love email courses and I love sales funnels. Email courses have added thousands of people to my mailing list, and sales funnels have brought in thousands of dollars in revenue for my business. What’s not to love!?
With ConvertKit, you can quickly and easily set up courses and funnels with their “Sequence” feature. Here’s what the sequence for my free Pin Boss email course looks like:
example email course sequence with convertkit
After typing in the content for each email in your course or funnel, you can decide how far apart each email will be sent (2 hours 1 day, 2 days, etc.). You can also choose the time of day to send emails at, and you can exclude certain groups of people on your list from receiving the emails. For example, if someone has already purchased your ebook, you don’t want that person to wind up in your sales funnel for the book!
Besides email courses and sales funnels, Sequences are perfect for your Welcome Series of emails. Not sure what a Welcome Series is or how to create one? Check out this post!

7. ConvertKit has amazing customer support and a great community.

Every interaction I’ve had with ConvertKit’s support team has been pleasant and helpful, and my questions are always answered in a timely manner.
There’s also a ConvertKit Facebook group, which is a great place to ask general questions, get help with coding or basic issues, and connect with other ConvertKit users.

Stop slaggin’ it with an email list platform that forces you to come up with “work-arounds” and “hacks” to make it work. Get started with ConvertKit and see what it’s like to use an ELP that makes things easy-peasy.


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