Boost Your Blog Traffic With These Six Tips for Speedy Pinning (Pinterest on a Time Crunch!)

75% of my blog traffic each and every month comes from Pinterest.
I repeat: 3/4 of my traffic each and every month is all. from. Pinterest!
And the very best part? I spend less than 30 minutes a week working on my Pinterest account! For the most part, it’s on autopilot. That’s right – two hours of work each month brings in three-quarters (or more) of my blog traffic.
If that’s not a good ROI, I don’t know what is!
And truthfully, there’s no “magic” or “secret trick” to getting results like this. It’s all about setting up a strong foundation for your account, being active regularly, and using a few simple strategies to speed up your pinning. And today, I’m going to share six of my strategies with you!
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Six Quick Tips for Super Speedy Pinning

Put these speedy pinning strategies to work on your own account, and watch it grow overnight!

#1. Follow accounts and boards in your niche

The more pinners and boards you follow, the more tailored your home feed becomes. By following strong, active accounts that are directly relevant to your blog’s niche, you’re creating a stacked home feed filled with amazing pins that are ripe for the pickin’ (errr, re-pinnin’)!

#2. Skim, skim, skim.

You DO NOT have to fully read every single post you re-pin. You can skim. You have my permission! In fact, once you’ve been pinning for a while, you’ll come to know which websites and bloggers’ content you really love, and can be confident to re-pin without reading fully.
By all means, click through and make sure the link is legit – but other than that, if the pin is from a trusted source, go ahead and re-pin it!

#3. Create a “Pin Later” board

Okay, okay, I get it. You feel bad or guilty or phony if you re-pin something you haven’t read. That’s fine. In that case, create a secret board called “Pin Later”. Then when you’re sneaking in a speedy pinning sesh and there’s a post you want to check out in more detail, save it to this secret board.
Every week or two, go through this secret board and read any blog posts you’ve added to it. Good stuff? Awesome! Pin it to your public boards, and remove it from your “Pin Later” board. Les simples.

#4. Optimize your pin descriptions with keywords

Pinterest functions as a search engine, just like Google. And you want your pins to be found (and clicked on), right? Then you’ve gotta start incorporating highly-searchable keywords into your pin descriptions!
Choose keywords that you know your audience is searching for on Pinterest, and weave them into your pin descriptions in a natural and fluent way. Then start pinning them like crazy!

#5. Get involved with BoardBooster

If you only take one of these tips to heart, pretty please let it be this one.
BoardBooster is solely responsible for the fact that I can spend 30 minutes a week on Pinterest and still see impressive results and huge growth month after month after month. It’s amazing.
For example, I’ve created a BoardBooster Campaign where it literally takes me TWO CLICKS to share my newest blog post to every single group board I belong to. Just 2 clicks! That’s like, 5 seconds max.
For more info about how BoardBooster works and some of my favorite ways to use it, be sure to check out this post where I highlight my three favorite BoardBooster features.

#6. Join group boards. ASAP!

Group boards are another one of my secrets to Pinterest success. They’re one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your content in front of thousands of people, which is why I highly recommend every pinner join as many group boards as possible!
I recently wrote an entire series about group boards, so I won’t bore you with the details again. Click here to check out that group boards series if you missed it!
So there you have it. Six quick tips to help you boost your blog traffic with Pinterest – in only 30 minutes a week! Will you be implementing these tips? Do you have other techniques for speedy pinning?

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