3 Easy Steps to Start a WordPress Website with Siteground

So you wanna start a WordPress website?

WordPress is my top recommendation for bloggers who are ready to level up and start making SERIOUS money from their sites.
When starting a self-hosted WordPress website, there are three key elements you’ll need to line up:
1. Web hosting
2. A domain name
3. A theme
Today we’re going to set you up with the first two: web hosting and a domain name. In next week’s post, we’ll talk about choosing the perfect, uber-functional theme to design your website with. Then you’ll be off to the races, creating a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind blog, and well on your way to earning a profit!
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3 easy steps to start a WordPress website with Siteground! via Blog Beautifully

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Choosing a Web Host Company

Choosing a hosting company can seem daunting for new bloggers, and I totally get that. Transferring between different hosting companies isn’t the easiest thing ever, so let’s hit the bulls eye on the first try, shall we?
But first, what is a web host?
Simply put, a web host provides the storage space needed to keep your website up and running. They “host” your site on the internet. There’s a bit more to it than that, but for today, let’s keep things simple!
There are several great hosting companies out there, so you’re certainly not lacking in choice. However, because I like to make things simple for you, I’m going to suggest one company in particular:
Why Siteground?
Several reasons…
a) They’re beginner-friendly
b) Their prices are competitive
c) Their customer support is fantastic
Any time you have questions, you can hop on the Live Chat with their support team and find the answer right away. If you need to transfer your website from another blogging platform (like Blogger, WordPress.com, Squarespace, etc.), they’ll walk you through the entire process on live chat – or they might even do it for you!
>> Still not convinced that Siteground is “The One”? Use these 6 steps to find the perfect web host for you!

3 Easy Steps to Start a WordPress Website with Siteground

If you’re onboard with Siteground, let’s dive into the simple 3-step process to start your WordPress website with Siteground! I promise, it’s super-duper easy 😉

Step 1. Choose your package

First, click right here to head over to Siteground. Next, scroll down a tiny bit and click the button that says “See Plans”.
start a wordpress website with siteground
Each hosting company will have various packages at different price points. Currently, Siteground has three main options to choose from:
how to start a wordpress website with siteground step 1
• The StartUp plan is perfect for you if you only plan on having one website
• The GrowBig plan allows you to have multiple websites on the same plan
• The GoGeek plan is for e-commerce or larger sites that have advanced development needs
If you’re brand new to WordPress and blogging, I suggest choosing either the StartUp plan or the GrowBig plan. Keep in mind that you’ll be charged annually for your hosting plan – not monthly – so factor that in when determining the price you’ll be paying.

Step 2. Choose your domain name

A domain name is your “home” on the internet. It’s how people find your website – by typing your domain name into their URL bar. For example, my domain name is: blogbeautifully.com. When you type that into your URL bar, you land on my website!
One of the awesome things about Siteground is that they include a FREE domain name with all of their packages! This is going to save you around $15-30 per year, which is super handy if you’re a babe on a budget.
how to start a wordpress website with siteground step 2
When settling on your domain name, I suggest choosing something as simple and short as possible. Keep in mind that your social media handles can be no longer than 15 characters, and it’s always nice to have your social media usernames match your domain name.
Choose a name that fits with your niche, the content you want to write, and the people you’re hoping to attract to your blog. If you can’t find a name that you love, go ahead and use your first and last name instead. Lots of people do that, and it’s totally fine!

Step 3. Review your order and pay

On this screen, make sure all the info you’ve entered up to this point is correct. You can also add extra features to your purchase, if you like. I HIGHLY suggest adding “Domain Privacy”, which will protect your personal information from being shared online. If you don’t, you’ll probably wind up receiving tons of spam email (yuck!)
how to start a wordpress website with siteground step 3
If everything is correct and you’re ready to go, tick the box at the bottom that you agree to Siteground’s Terms of Services. Enter your payment details to complete your purchase, and you’re ready to get started with WordPress!

BONUS: Install the WordPress Platform

Before you’re ready to install your theme and start designing your website, you’ll need to add the WordPress platform to your new domain. This is relatively easy to do, but if you aren’t a super tech-y person, here’s the great news: Siteground will actually do it FOR you!
If you hop on Live chat with their support team, they’ll install the WordPress platform on your new domain in minutes (how’s that for customer service!?) To talk to their customer support team, simply press the button in the top right corner that says “Live Chat” and you’ll be connected to someone right away.
hop on live chat with siteground
Once you’ve installed WordPress, the next step is to install your chosen WordPress theme and start designing your website. I have an AWESOME guest post coming your way next week about how to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your website, so stay tuned for that!

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  • Trisha White

    Hi there Krista, I’m getting ready to change from WordPress.com to a self hosted site. I was deciding on Siteground, the question I have is…. Why is it showing that i have to pay $14.95 a/yr for a domain name. I thought Siteground included a free domain name on all their plans??? Can you advise on this please? Thank you much, Trish

    • They may have changed that promotion! I would get in touch with their support team to be sure 🙂