Update: The GirlBoss Bloggers Facebook Group (why it disappeared!)

Hey everyone! Just popping in today with a quick but important update…
If you were a member of my GirlBoss Bloggers Facebook group and went to check it out today, only to find that… Hey, the group disappeared!
You’re right! The group has disappeared.
Facebook closed down the group yesterday without warning, due to a trademark issue with the word “GirlBoss”.
They sent me a message to notify me right after it happened, but there was nothing I could do, unfortunately.
It’s 100% my fault for not looking into trademarks before choosing a name for the group. However, OBVIOUSLY I wish Facebook had allowed me some time to give you ladies a heads up before they deleted the group! I’ve received countless messages from concerned members, thinking they’d been blocked from the group for some reason.
If that was you, please don’t worry! You were not blocked, and you didn’t do anything wrong 🙂
While this (obviously) is a pretty crappy situation, I’m trying to look on the bright side. I know how much you all loved the group, but we still have each other – and always will. We can create a brand-new group, and make it EVEN MORE AMAZING than the one before!
And don’t worry – I WILL be checking the name of this one against all existing trademarks first 😉
Update: The new group is here!! It’s called Blog-Woo Babes, and you can click right here to join it.
I also wanted to thank you all so, SO much for the wonderful words of support and encouragement you sent me yesterday. I was feeling a little down in the dumps, but your sweet words really cheered me up. So thank you!
These were just a few of the many amazing things you all had to say about the group…

Comments like these are exactly why I LOVED our group so much, and why I’m sad to see it go. But remember: the new group will be even better! You ladies are amazing, and as long as you are part of the group, there’s nothing that can stop us.
From the bottom of my heart – thank you for your patience, support, and love. You mean the world to me!
xoxox Krista
>>> Don’t forget to join the new group here!

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Posted by Krista in Beginner Blogger Bootcamp


  • Krista, you’re such a gem! I shared your story with the #YesSupply community yesterday, such a hard but valuable lesson! You’re handling it with grace. We’re all waiting to join the next amazing collaborative group you launch <3 xx Tiffani // http://www.fairandfrugal.co

    • Aweee, thank you so much Tiffani – you’re a doll! I agree, definitely a valuable lesson (I know I won’t be making that mistake again!!)

      Thanks for being so lovely, and I look forward to connecting more with you in the new group! <3 <3

  • I’m so sorry this happened! I cannot wait to join the new group and I know with your expertise and kindness, this will all be a smooth and maybe even beneficial transition. You’re doing amazing friend! <3

  • Caroline Thompson

    I can’t wait for the new group to pop up!! It really was the BEST group of blogger girls.


  • Monica

    I’m so ready to join the new group. 🙂
    Your group was SO helpful. Out of all of the groups I’m in, it was my favorite!

  • The limelyte

    I loved your group and found it so motivating plus supportive. It was a Rocker

  • Elna Cain

    Wow! I had no idea and I was in your group! I’m on your list but haven’t received any emails for you in a while? Can’t wait to learn about the new FB group!

    • Weird!! I send out emails 1-2 times per week. Must have something to do with ConvertKit and spam filters :/

      I can’t wait to share more about the new group! It should be up and running in early April 🙂

  • Laura Pennington

    That sucks!