What the Heck is “Woo-Woo” and How Does It Affect My Blog?

Since introducing the concept of “Blog-Woo”, I’ve received TONS of questions about the term “woo-woo”. Namely: What is it!?
And I totally understand the confusion. When I first heard the term woo-woo, I had NO IDEA what it meant. So today I’m going to shed some light on it for you. I’ll explain what woo-woo is, unravel my concept of Blog-Woo, and highlight the impact that woo-woo can have on your blog, business, and life.
What is Woo Woo and How Does it Affect My Blog? blog woo, metaphysics, manifesting, blogging tips.

What the Heck is Woo-Woo!?

First off, woo-woo isn’t a scientific term by any means. More like a layperson’s term. I’m sure someone came up with “woo-woo” because they were having a hard time describing it any other way. I know I have a hard time describing it, and I love this stuff.
Although you probably won’t find woo-woo in a traditional Thesaurus (or a Dictionary, for that matter) if it were in a Thesaurus, here’s what you might see:
Woo-Woo |Noun| : Metaphysical, spiritual, mystical, New Age.
Essentially, woo-woo = things that transcend the physical, scientific, or rational world. They occur above and beyond the physical plane of Earth – that is, in the metaphysical realm.
To make this more concrete, here are some things you might classify as “woo-woo”: astrology, crystals and crystal healing, reiki, manifesting, magnetism, aligning with your intuition, connecting with your spiritual guides, oracle cards, etc.
While these things aren’t all based in “traditional” or “western” science, let me tell you: they’re real, they’re super cool, and they WORK. Chances are, you’ve heard of most of these things before, but maybe haven’t explored them or put any stock in them. That’s okay – I was in your shoes about a year and a half ago, and now it’s all I talk about 😉
Once I started getting my feet wet with woo-woo, everything changed.
Not only is my life more abundant, peaceful, joyful, and aligned, but my blog, business, and finances have never been better. It wasn’t until I started looking for ways to incorporate more woo-woo into my blog and business that I welcomed in true, unlimited success and abundance. And I want that for you, too!

Okay, But How Does Woo-Woo Actually Affect My Blog?

The more I incorporate woo-woo into my blog and business, the better results I achieve, the more fun I have, and the more joyful I feel. With that being said, there are essentially unlimited ways you can become more “woo-woo” with your blog.
Here are some things I personally do:
+ I tap into my intuition to receive guidance from my higher self, which guides me in making decisions for my blog, business, and finances.
+ I use a deck of oracle cards for instruction and inspiration from the universe.
+ I place beautiful crystals in my workspace to boost creativity, clarity, and abundance.
+ I work to magnetize money, clients, customers, and students for my business.
+ I manifest and visualize success for myself (positive, present-tense affirmations are my fave)
I’m really excited to share more on these topics in the future, and to help you unlock the magic of woo-woo for your own blog!

…But Does This Stuff Actually Work?

Of course, everyone has – and is entitled to – their own opinion when it comes to woo-woo. But my answer is an unequivocal: Yes, it does work (it certainly has for me!)
I’m currently gathering stories from my friends, readers, and students about the amazing impact woo-woo has had on their blogs, businesses, and lives. I’m hoping to share these stories with you, along with some of my own success stories, in a future post.
Do you have a story about how woo-woo has affected your blog or your life? Please share it in a comment below or email me at krista@blogbeautifully.com. I’d love to feature you in an upcoming post!

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