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From $0 to $50,000 with Online Courses – My Journey, Tips, Mistakes & More

My journey with online courses over the past few years has been a bit... bumpy, to say the least. I've laughed. I've cried. I've struggled. I've grown. I’ve failed and I’ve succeeded. Overall, I've made a pretty decent chunk of change from selling my online courses! Let's take a quick trip down memory lane and look at my experiences selling online courses since I started Blog Beautifully back in 2016…

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How to Launch Your First Profitable Course With My 3-Phase Launch Model

The no. 1 mistake I see bloggers make with their first course launch is not planning out the entire launch well in advance.  They get so excited and wrapped up in creating the actual course itself that when it finally comes time to sell the course, they throw up a quick post on Instagram inviting people to join, maybe mention it on Facebook… and that's about it.  Hello, zero signups!

In today’s post, you'll get an in-depth look at how to put together, schedule, and execute a profitable course launch that generates tons of signups. Ready? 

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8 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid With Your First Online Course

Courses are by far my no. 1 source of income as a blogger. I just calculated my 2017 income and expenses and it turns out I made $50,000 from course sales last year. Like, what!?

However, don't let that big number fool you: I wasn't always a pro when it comes to creating and launching courses. In fact, my first ever course launch didn't exactly go to plan... Basically, I spent four whole weeks creating and perfecting the course material and pouring every spare second I had into it. But when I finally opened up the course for enrollment… crickets.

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