Keywords on Pinterest: How to Find The Perfect Ones & 6 Places to Put Them

Pinterest is such a fun platform. I swear I could spend hours pinning every day if time and circumstances allowed. However, there's one thing about Pinterest that most bloggers tend to forget (one super important thing, might I add): Pinterest is also a search engine! 

In fact, it's more so a search engine than a social media platform. It runs just like the Google search engine, only it’s more visually-based. Because Pinterest functions as a search engine, we need to use SEO strategies on Pinterest, just like we do on our blogs. And just like your blog's SEO, your Pinterest SEO comes back to one big thing: Keywords. 

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How to Grow Your Traffic Exponentially with Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are one of my biggest secret weapons. When used properly, group boards can drive massive traffic to your blog, your opt-in freebies, and your products or services. I get a lot of questions about Pinterest group boards, both from other bloggers and my coaching clients. Questions like:

"How do I find the right group boards to join?" 

"Once I've found the right group board, how do I actually go about joining it?" 

"What kinds of things should I be pinning to group boards, and how often?" 

"When is it a good time for me to create my own group board? How many followers should I have?"

 Because group boards are one of the biggest ways I've grown my Pinterest account, email list, and traffic so quickly, today I want to share everything you need to know about creating, joining, and utilizing group boards. 

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Are These 8 Pinterest Mistakes Hurting Your Blog & Business?

Ah, Pinterest, the love of my life (and I'm only half-joking when I say that). If you’ve been following me for a while, I'm sure you've heard of my love of Pinterest a time or two before. I've been lucky to work with dozens of different ladies on their Pinterest accounts since launching my services, and spending so much time analyzing Pinterest has brought a few things to my attention: 

1. When it comes to Pinterest, a lot of business-owners are making the same few mistakes that are slowing down their growth and success with the platform. 

2. By fixing these mistakes, these business owners could be reaching hundreds or thousands of more people, making thousands of extra dollars each month, and getting their businesses out there so much faster. 

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